April 2013 horoscope - Sagittarius

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the April 2013 monthly horoscope for birthdays from 16th December to 14th January or Sagittarius Ascendants and Moons

By Louise Gilbert
Sagittarius, you start off April with an intense last quarter Moon that comes arm in arm with Pluto in your house of self, your body and physical appearance. As you continue to change profoundly, going through a time of transformation, these early April 2013 days can be a time of returns and reviews as well as a time of harvest. This Moon phase is connected to last year’s full Moon in early July so think about what happened then. It’s typically a very busy time where you finish up things from the past and for you, this one could be connected to your relationships. This includes both personal and professional ones, your trade and other commitments and agreements. In all of these areas, rewards could be on the cards after a sense of urgency to finish things up or progress whatever reached a milestone back in the summer of last year.

Early April is also a good time to initiate the sale of a property if you are planning to do so. It may not be the case that you will see the profits immediately, perhaps not even until June or July, but there is a great chance you attract the right buyers and a good deal of interest in your home now. Alternatively, this could also just be a time when you focus more than usual on your home environment - perhaps you'll refurbish the kitchen, buy some new curtains or decide to get the garden ready for summer. Your attention is now on your family, their needs and worries. With Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth in the mix, even the smallest of changes could now lead to bigger transformation. You may have gotten used to you changing as a person by now, especially those Sagittarians born before approximately 2nd January or with their Moons or Ascendants at up to 17 degrees, but whatever is going on at home in these early days of April, could be a result of the transformation that's been going on inside you for the past years. Who you are at the moment may need to be expressed through activities and movement at home.

Then, the new Moon on 10th April in Pisces is ruled by the nakshatra of Rivati and this new Moon, on the one hand, has very gentle qualities aimed at spiritual enlightenment and intuitive understanding of how the world works. But on the other hand, this new Moon is also square Pluto in your house of self, again connected to your progressing sense of who you are. So, you either want to move forward with a house sale, move home to a place that better fits your needs or you begin transforming your home if it needs a refurb or you fancy a new design. This is the time of new beginnings in this this area.

Now, having said all that, some Sagittarians experiencing this Pluto transit on their Sun, Moon or Ascendant, which is those born at around New Year's Eve and early January or with their Moons or Ascendants at around 15 to 19 degrees of Sagittarius, may also decide to undergo some therapy or at least start looking into it around the time of the new Moon. It's not the easiest of times and these profound changes may bring up fears and feelings you are now asked to deal with. Equally, with such a heavy focus on your 4th house of your mother, all these transits could have an impact on her or the relationship you have with each other.

After you've dealt with some of the deeper questions in life early on in April, the energy then shifts and you if you are single and looking, you could now be in the mood for some romance, if you are creative, you could now be pushing forward with a project that allows you to express yourself freely. Equally, if you have children, it is them who require more attention now. In any case, this will be less of an inward looking time than March and early April has been and you are taking in and dealing with what's going on around you. This is also a time when you are more focused and aware of your friendships, business associations, contacts and networks of people from a variety of backgrounds. At the same time, long-term work projects could also require some of your attention. This is a very social period and as we are gearing up to the first eclipse of the year at the end of April, you may just find that it is your friends, acquaintances and new connections you have started to make that can help boost your bank balance. April 2013 is one of the more intense months of the year with the lunar eclipse on 25th April – one of 5 eclipses this year hitting this area of your chart.Alternatively, romance could be coming your way via your growing social circle, especially around the time of the eclipse.

Lunar eclipses are full Moons and as with all full Moons, our emotions are heightened. We react from the heart rather than the head so these times are often also marked with changes in relationships as they affect our emotional affairs.  However, tied into an eclipse, it might be time of powerful change, transformation and a turning point for many of us. In recent years, I started paying very close attention to the eclipses am now convinced that that these times often marks endings or culmination and turning points, they are the wild cards of the transits, the bonus cards or the lottery wins. They shake us up so that we can move from one level of evolution and maturity to another, higher phase, fairly rapidly. While, occasionally, a lunar eclipse can have to do with a change in career or place of work, depending on where it falls in your chart, lunar eclipses tend to bring with them the encounters that change our lives. They bring along those monumental break-ups, make-ups or general changes in status. Whatever it may be, they often signify the point of no return when we are asked to simply move forward in our lives. These times are often major catalysts in our life that provide the fuel for huge transformations. Again, for you, this is connected to your changing and evolving circle of friends and connections but more than that, I feel that it has to do with you putting yourself out there more, meeting new people and at the same time, profiting and gaining from your (new) connections - both financially and spiritually.

Have a fruitful month, Sagittarius!

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