Moon in the signs - Taurus

A sense of belonging

The Moon is exalted in Taurus and someone with this placement has a strong basic need for security, both emotional and financial. Whatever someone with the Moon in Taurus has acquired, he wants to keep, maintain and preferably store in a safe place. This Moon appreciates the predictability of routine, familiar surroundings and belonging to a close-knit group, community, circle of friends and of course their family. This sense of belonging and security gives them strength and makes them feel appreciated and valued.

Taurus is ruled by Venus and therefore, a little luxury - a Gucci bag here and there won't go amiss. Surrounding themselves with luxury items gives these people a great deal of satisfaction and almost a sense of being grounded. Taurus is also the sign of the collector and while quality is of utmost importance, so is their desire to accumulate and grow their belongings, wealth and ultimately, their sense of pleasure.

Taurus is also a very social sign, so this is an excellent placement for organising social events where good food and wine are on the menu. Equally, this Moon enjoys gathering, collecting, treasuring, cherishing, saving and conserving things that are valuable - if only to them. In some extreme cases, this can result in a tendency to hoard, after all, Taurus is also a fixed sign and doesn't easily let go! This of course also means that someone with the Moon in Taurus is one of the most loyal people you'll meet. The saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed could have been invented with a Taurus Moon person in mind. Problems however arise when the feelings of loyalty go beyond what is healthy and warning signals around those who take advantage are ignored.

London Census
Queen Victoria had her Moon in Taurus together with the Sun in the first house.

The Sun rules her house of home, land and country, so she deeply identified with her homeland on all levels, most importantly on an emotional one. The sign of Taurus is aspected by expansive Jupiter who sits in the area of global wisdom in her chart. Her reign was marked by a great expansion of the British Empire which during this period reached its peak.

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