March 2015 horoscope - Gemini

I follow the Vedic calendar; this is the March 2015 horoscope for birthdays from 16th June to 15th July or Gemini Ascendants and Moons

Gemini, March 2015 is such an important month for you on so many levels. It’s eclipse season and the solar eclipse in your Pisces takes place on 20th March 2015 while the Pluto – Uranus square is in full swing, the last time for a long time but it puts the some of the pressure you’ve been feeling over the past couple of years already back on the agenda – in your case, the square has to do with relationships and social standing, career, your reputation and life direction.

Generally speaking, eclipses have the potential to create powerful events in our lives and what will be triggered around the time of the eclipse often emerges up to three months prior to the eclipse.  It’s an emotionally charged and dramatic time, often accompanied by partnership make-up or break-ups. With Uranus being a constant companion of this particular eclipse cycle, things could develop very suddenly.  For you, this eclipse is connected to the Pluto, Uranus square that doesn’t allow a turning back and a change of mind anymore and it’s all about a complete change of direction. This is either career-wise or just to do with how other people see you – perhaps you get married, change careers, move home or even country. Whatever is happening, it certainly is connected to your finances, money and family – plus anything you value and hold dear.

This solar eclipse is in the nakshatra of Uttarabhadra, ruled by Saturn. During this period, there is a profound tendency to protect and secure the status quo, established structures and systems which have been in place for a long time already. It’s the nakshatra fo thee ‘later auspicious result’ where we go deeper into the subject matter and where we understanding better what life is all about. We now make a commitment to being of service, the higher cause, to selflessness and most important to a spiritual awakening. For you, it’s all about your future, your life direction and, for some, career – something new you belief and have faith in.

Towards the end of the month, it’s all about mingling, connecting, networking and again, your future and your hopes and dreams…plus a bit of money or a bonus of some sort coming your way. Just as well, it’ll distract from some of the hard work you’re having to put in and the daily grind. Have a great month, Gemini!

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