December 2012 horoscope - Gemini

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th June to 15th July or Gemini Ascendants and Moons

By Louise Gilbert
Gemini, we are all going through times of profound change and it affects all of us in different ways. As we begin December, we are still feeling the effects of the lunar eclipse at the end of November. For you, Gemini, this happened in your 5th house of fun, creativity and love affairs. Although December will have a very different feel to it with more of a forward moving shift to it, similar to November, it’s a month when your focus is still on romance and relationships. The first few days in December still have Mercury and Venus in your 5th house and you may well feel a lot more outgoing, fun-loving and creative. This year however, with Saturn accompanying these transits, it’ll feel a lot more serious and it may also be the case that you start an affair or enter into a relationship with someone who is older and who almost acts as a parent to you over the coming two years. With Venus still going through this area in your life until 17th December, attracting this person may come a lot easier to you. Mars is also transiting your house of committed relationship from 10th December, so you are investing a lot of energy into partnerships this month. However, in conjunction with Pluto in this house, emotions will be running high and deep and if you have recently met someone, it could feel as though this person is about to transform how you feel about relationships and what you experience when you commit to someone. There may also be some tension with your partner or more generally speaking, with people on a one-to-one basis who may not fully acknowledge your efforts. One the other hand of course, maybe it’s you who wants everything on your terms – be aware of this tendency.

Your relationship sector is undergoing profound transformation over the coming years anyway and with Rahu / North node moving into your solar 5th house in January 2013, the coming 18th months can bring new people into your life that transform it completely. If you are a creative person or into performing arts, these coming 18 months will urge you to explore this side of yourself even more. Rahu / north node wants to break free from limitations and is always hungry for more so fun, romance and self-expression are all key areas of focus in the near future for you.

After mid-month, the focus then shift onto your work / life balance. The planets are shifting from the 5th into the 6th solar house, drawing your attention to work and maybe health related matters. Initially, at work, you may be feeling a little bit of resentful as though you’re the one who’s been doing all the work. It may be that you are suddenly a bit overwhelmed with all the end of year work load or perhaps you are handed some extra responsibility. Take it as a good sign, it means you’re trusted with the job. However, if you do have the feeling it’s getting too much, don’t wait until the Christmas break, with Mercury in your sector of work, it’s a good time to discuss what’s on your mind to the New Year on a better footing without any resentment from December sitting on your shoulders. If you can help it, wait until mid-month is approaching to start discussions. There is a new Moon on 13th December in your sector of work which provides new beginnings and an opportunity to move forward with a more positive attitude. Maybe you are given a more prominent role at work now or your work environment suddenly changes or goal posts are shifting. Uranus, the planet of eccentricity and sudden changes moves forward again on the same day in your solar 10th house of profession. It may not necessarily just be that your work environment was unstable and unpredictable, although it may have been, but more that you may have been feeling the itch to get away and start something new, maybe even on your own. Uranus doesn’t like being told what to do and needs new inspiration frequently so perhaps your chosen profession may not fulfil you in the same way anymore. Together with relationships, this is an area of change for you over the coming years. With planets in key areas in your life, you will look back in a few years’ time and not recognise the person you were back then. In any case, this December new Moon is in a good angel to Uranus as well as Jupiter, so expansion or a new phase at work is on its way.

In Indian astrology, this December 2012 new Moon happens in the nakshatra (the chart is divided into 27 sections or nakshatras) of Jyestha. This nakshatra is said to be an independent and ambitious one but also one where we have to do things by ourselves. In this nakshatra, we can’t and don’t want to rely on others but have to take the position of leader. It’s also the nakshatra of the creative eccentric so in your 6th house, it may turn out to be a great time to start afresh at work – and more independently. Gemini’s are not natural leaders but always creative and this nakshatra wants to be the best at all times, so go for it when the opportunity presents itself.

Shortly after the new Moon, Mars moves into your solar 8th house and you may be concerned with financial issues, tax, inheritance, loans and generally, other people’s money. In particular for Gemini Ascendants, Mars is a bit of a mixed bag as he rules the 6th house of disagreements, so be aware of conflict when it comes to making financial arrangements with your partner. However, the ruler of the 6th house transiting the 8th is also an opportunity to gain access to necessary funds.

The month then ends with the powerful full Moon across your 7th and 1st house axis. This time will bring things to a close and a peak, so have a think about what happened around the July 3rd full Moon as well as first quarter Moon on March 30th 2012. For you, this has to do with committed relationships, whether they are personal or business related. In conjunction with Pluto, it may be an intense time and if you have been dating and putting your feelers out, this time may see you commit to someone special. At the very least, you’ll know where you stand in one particular relationship – the choice is then yours.

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