Mars in the signs

Mars in the signs - Aries

With the Sun about to enter emotional, deep, dark Scorpio, it’s a good time to look at his traditional ruler Mars in the different signs....starting with Aries.

Mars at home in Aries
Military power. Mars in its own sign of Aries is the ultimate pioneer, youthful, spirited, competitive with an almost blind need to achieve and come out as the winner. Mars in Aries is impatient, impulsive and directs its energies into different directions at the same time – initially full of enthusiasm which, however, wanes over a short period of time. The Aries Mars is full of “beginners’ courage” that knows no prejudice, prefers to look at the bigger picture only and often goes along with whatever tickles his fancy. Obstacles are unwelcome challenges and this is when the flame begins to extinguish almost as quickly as it came to life. 

In the work place, these people are far better initiators and motivators than the ones wrapping up projects, never mind evaluating and measuring their success. They’ll leave that to a Mars in Virgo or in Taurus!

A pioneer that should remember not to lose its uncomplicated nature, drive and honesty as, over the course of his lifetime, the impulsiveness and almost naivety become more mature with passing transits and planetary directions. This youthful Mars is one that is not afraid to go it alone but one that needs to grow up before he can direct his energies in more efficient, productive and longer-lasting ways.

Mars in the signs - Taurus

Slowly does it. This Mars is a nice little slow burner. You want someone to take things easy and slowly and someone who puts their energies into something that has long-term potential and requires a long breath? Then the Mars in Taurus is for you.This earthy Mars certainly has stamina, he is not easily persuaded and certainly not rushed and will almost stubbornly stick to what he believes. If there is no urgency, he does not see the point in making a move – it literally has to be worth it. With good physical vitality and usually also mental stability, this Mars puts a lot of effort into ensuring material stability for himself and his loved ones. On the flipside, there might be so much focus on material security that he loses sight of what is actually important. This then becomes evident when material possessions are accumulated but without making him more happy and content.

Nevertheless, this one is quite a traditional Mars who is very loyal and expects nothing less in return. Resistance, determination, persistence, stability, physical force and loyalty are the key words for Mars in Taurus. 

Queen Elizabeth I had her Mars in Taurus.

Coupled with the regal Leo Sun, the Taurus Mars would have given her the stamina to exercise her position as Monarch on a daily basis and over a lifetime.


Mars in the signs - Gemini

Speech is silver, silence is golden…or is it? Mars is the archetypical soldier and Gemini is the chatty man. So this Mars is veeeery apt at using his words as weapons! Not as vindictive as a Mars in Scorpio, this one is a bit more light-hearted although also a little sarcastic. Whatever it is, he needs to get it off his chest and while he is, of course, fully capable of communicating in a grown up manner, he will communicate what’s on his mind energetically and without much of a filter. Mars rules impulse and drive so in Gemini, he is a little scattered, flighty and easily bored in this airy sign. As a mutable air sign, the Gemini-Mars likes to talk about is actions or what he wants to do without actually doing it. 
However, this is also a very creative Mars that can drive change and adapt well to it. He is able to ensure people around him are convinced by the new course of action due to his sharp wit that wins him almost any argument. In fact, this Mars is the born sales person.  

Gemini also rules the hands, so this person is likely to use their hands more than others to express themselves.

Mozart had his Mars in Gemini and of course what he was famous for was playing the piano! 

Mars in this chart is in the house of gains, so this is indeed how he earned his money. Some of his works were also described as witty.  

Mars in the signs - Cancer

Fiercely protective handyman. Cancer is the sign that likes to hide away from the public and comes across as shy. Dependable and very protective of others and it might be that this is where Mars in Cancer puts all his energies. One that loves his home, this Mars is the born DIY-er. Home improvements might be his favourite pastime but, as with all planets in Moon-ruled Cancer, he has to be in the mood! However, if anyone needs their help, there is no need for a lot of persuasion as he races to the rescue.

As a cardinal water sign, the primary impulse is to explore emotions. Their passions are slow to rise but even when they do, are not directly aimed at the target. As such, the fiery energy of Mars in watery Cancer can display a certain passive-aggressiveness. Despite an apparent lack of direction and ambition, this Mars is nevertheless in a cardinal sign so make no mistake – he has an unshakable tenacity which means they have a very long breath and stamina when it comes to getting what they want out of life. 

As an inward-turning water sign, this Mars is slow to act and needs to feel secure before he takes the next step. They can become argumentative when they feel their security is threatened. 

Morrissey has his Mars in Cancer and he is kno for his....well, slightly moody, lyrics. 

He was also born during a full Moon, so emotions may often be runnning high!
Mars in the signs -Leo
Fun and games and pride. Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac so there is a strong urge to play, create and display creativity with Mars in Leo. This is a very vital, confident and generous Mars that loves life and the good times. A born charmer and tactful leader (however, remember, thou shalt have no other leaders!), people will want to be around this Mars.

Although another fire sign, the passion aroused in this Mars is more long-standing than in the youthfulness of Aries. Mars in Leo needs to feel significant and wants to create a lasting impression. They are proud of their achievements (and themselves) and need to feel admired. They are born performers, are exuberant and have a penchant for the dramatic. Mars in Leo is impatient with anyone who is narrow-minded, mean and loses their temper when feeling humiliated.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis had her Mars in Leo - powerful men certainly were to her taste....

...in particular by the MC where male figures would have helped her attain social status. 


Mars in the signs - Virgo

The competitive perfectionist - only 150% is good enough. Mercury-ruled Virgo is attributed to the 6th house of the zodiac and looks after daily work and health routines, systems but also conflict and some say open enemies. With a Mars in Virgo, energy will be put into these areas of live with a keen eye for detail and a huge amount of perfectionism. Physical Mars doesn’t feel too good in the mentalised sign of Virgo which often produces sticklers for accuracy, precision and truthfulness.

There is a competitive urge to win an argument and similar to the other Mercury-ruled sign Gemini, this Mars can be super critical - there is always some imperfection that needs to be corrected.

Although there is a general humbleness about this Mars, he is not a lazy one as he deeply dislikes being unproductive – a multi-tasker that likes to complete his tasks well. While of course it affects the way they work, it also impacts the home, hobbies, the way children are brought up and other projects they choose to take on.

Bill Gates has his Mars in Virgo connunct Mercury in the same sign. His mind will be sharp, creative, inquisitive and very detail-oriented. He will not take no for an answer and won't give up at the first hurdle. 'There is a solution to every (mental) problem' could be his mantra.


Mars in the signs - Libra

Defender of justice and peace warrior. Similar to a Virgo-Mars, the Libra-Mars likes perfection. However, not in the nit-picking, critical and argumentative way Mercury-ruled signs do. The Libra-Mars aims for perfection in the sense of achieving a perfect balance. Justice, fairness and balance are the key words here.

Libra is the sign of partnerships so this Mars will go a long way in building alliances that help him achieve his objectives. The Libra-Mars is a born diplomat and is motivated by achieving a balance outcome in negotiations.

Nevertheless, Mars is the planet of aggression and a bit like a Cancer-Mars, there can be an element of passive-aggressiveness in this position, someone who hides their anger under a smiling fa├žade. This Mars sometimes needs to point that innate sense of fairness and justice towards themselves and air their demands without worrying too much about keeping everyone else happy at all times. Otherwise it will get too difficult to keep up a false sense of peace.

Mars in the signs - Scorpio

This is one of the most passionate and sexy combinations but hell hath no fury than a scorned Mars in Scorpio. The sweeter the revenge is indeed sweet, the more satisfying for a Scorpio-Mars. As a fixed sign, this Mars tend to be somewhat resentful and, like the Scorpio-Sun, he tends to hold his grudge. He displays a huge amount of tenacity and willpower. In fact, with this Pluto-ruled signed, power, control, manipulation and secrecy are the keywords. While he keeps his motives hidden, the Scorpio-Mars goes a long to achieve his objectives practically at all costs and is deeply inquisitive.
However, as Scorpio is associated with the 8th house, this Mars will undergo transformation in the way he acts. The Scorpio-Mars has the willpower and energy to transform by breaking taboos and unearthing secrets – to the point of no return!

Unlike the balanced Mars in Libra, the Scorpio-Mars is a black and white, take it or leave it - kind of a guy with an enormous sexual appetite that is nothing for the faint-hearted.

John Travolta has is Mars in Scorpio in the 5th house. Transformation seems to be part of his life as he also has the Sun in the 8th house. As the natural ruler of the 5th house of creativity and the stage, resurrection and reformation is likely to be part of his make-up - personally and in his creative expression.

After Saturday Night Fever and Grease, it took him 16 years for his resurgence in Pulp Fiction in 1994. During this time, he went through his Mars Dasha (a time period in Indian astrology) during which he transformed this acting style.  

Mars in the signs - Sagittarius

Enthusiastic globetrotter. Mars in Sagittarius directs his energies towards expansion. Whether that is an expansion of beliefs, spirituality, knowledge or experience, this is a Mars that sits on packed suitcases most of the time. Similar to the other fire sign Leo, this Mars can’t bear narrow-mindedness and closefisted attitudes. However, as a mutable fire sign, the Sagittarius Mars evolves only through movement whether that physical or mental.

With an ingrained need for adventure, the boots this globetrotter wears are indeed made for walking, however, there might sometimes be a danger of this Mars looking at faraway lands without remembering where he came from, forgetting what his aim was and what he is here to do. In these cases, and especially if Jupiter is involved, overpromising and under-delivering could unfortunately be a trait of character if this otherwise so popular, humorous and intoxicating sign.

Brad Pitt has his Mars in Sagittarius - alongside the Sun, Mercury and the Moon! But not only that, he has Mars in an exact square to Jupiter, so this expansive personality truly knows no limits. 

He probably is the archetypical Sag, the globetrotter that remains young at heart and avoids being tied down at all cost. 

Mars in the signs - Capricorn

The bills are paid for, what more do you want?...is what you might here from this Mars. Although a little on the cold side, this grounded Mars is exalted in Capricorn, so he is ambitious and knows how to direct his energies to achieve the best possible results. The fiery nature of Mars combined with the cardinal earthiness of Capricorn ensures that he gets what he wants and when he wants without compromise.

The path up the career ladder is a straight one for the Capricorn-Mars but never tends to happen over night. Status is everything for this Mars so he’ll endure the apprentice years with patience, planning his next move carefully and always with a couple of dollar signs in his eyes. Maybe more than any other Mars, this one has an elaborate sense of duty and is able to take on large amounts of responsibility, feeling validated by it.

Needless to say that this Capricorn-Mars needs to leave the extra work at work and put down the weapons sometimes.

Mars in the signs - Aquarius 

Team spirit. This airy Mars directs his energies to group activities and unique and extraordinary causes. This is a progressive, liberal and highly individualistic character with a very original perspective and who puts his energies into mental, intellectual, unusual or innovative pursuits. The dancer Isadora Duncan (27th May, 1877, San Francisco) is often described as the creator of modern dance. A born reformer, although slightly eccentric and with a large group of friends and acquaintances from a variety of backgrounds, he puts his energies into humanitarian, scientific and political debates and interests.

This Mars doesn’t keep their partners on a tight leash as he needs a lot of freedom himself. Big on equality, this Mars is very tolerant and ‘live and let live’ is his mantra.

As Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and traditionally also Saturn, this Mars also has a rebellious side to him. On the one hand they can appear open-minded and forward thinking, on the other they can appear as hugely obstinate. Fiery Mars and explosive Uranus reminds of a Star Wars-type energy!

Mars in the signs - Pisces 
Sittin' in the mornin' sun. I'll be sittin' when the evenin' come. Watching the ships roll in. And then I watch 'em roll away again (Otis Redding, 1967). 

Aaah, yes, the Pisces-Mars is motivated by creative ideals and needs a lot of time to day-dream about what he wants to do. The actions of this Mars can hardly be called direct and consistent but he selflessly puts his energies into helping others and those in need.

Sometimes a little unrealistic, a Pisces-Mars can run the risk of giving into illusions and wishful thinking while viewing the world through rose-coloured glasses. As a result of not respecting his own boundaries, he sometimes stumbles and falls when sobriety sets in. This gentle Mars needs a creative outlet to let his fantasies run wild and which allows him to go along with his tide-like bursts of energy.

Angelina Jolie has not only her Mars in Pisces but also the Moon and Jupiter which really highlights her strong support for refugees all over the world.

Here is her birth chart with this stellium in Pisces and in the 9th house!


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