Saturn in the signs - Libra

Love, beauty and duty
Saturn is exalted in Libra so is able to be at its most constructive in this sign. This Saturn knows that in order to achieve anything of value, cooperation and teamwork is the key but only as long as everyone involved in the project feels they are treated fairly and just. Saturn in Libra understand that compromise and accepting other people’s point of view is important for constructive progress.

Saturn is always a hard worker and in combination with the sign of Libra, it is the ideal placement for someone who works in an area where the two principles of the planets Saturn and Venus can be combined – so, structured or artistic design. Saturn in Libra displays a large amount social sensitivity and responsibility with very good organisational skills.

The danger is that the sign of Libra needs constant harmony and Saturn prefers a structured approach. These two situations combined can lead to a kind of paralysis where it can be even more difficult to make a decision and old patterns of behavior repeat themselves, especially in relationships. In fact, love and duty are closely linked for Saturn in Libra but this does not necessarily mean physical monogamy. This is not to say that Saturn in Libra is unfaithful at all but loyalty for this Saturn mainly means being responsible in relationships to ensure they keep going. This, however, also means that his own sense of fun becomes de-prioritised. As always, the best cure for Saturn is self-realisation.

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