Saturn in the signs

Saturn in the signs - Aries

Under attack - self-preservation through aggression

Saturn is debilitated in Aries as personal limits and barriers are frequently felt. This Saturn can come across as more aggressive than intended and can unintentionally hurt others due to a certain lack of sensitivity. The reaction the Aries-Saturn then gets can give him the impression that the whole world is against him. Paradoxically, someone with Saturn in Aries is the also less able to take what’s rightly and lawfully theirs out of fear of causing further outrage due to their sometimes exaggerated behaviour, insisting they are right. One consequence is increased tension, stress and dissatisfaction as the Aries-Saturn keeps having to justify its behaviour continuously. This can also manifest in a physical manner through migraines or grinding teeth. The Saturn in Aries fears that if he gives up too much of himself selflessly, he may never get what he really wants.  The unaware Saturn-Aries resists everything that this youthful signs stands for – youth, impulse, spontaneity, pioneering spirit, feeling constantly under attack and anxious. Physical exercise is quite crucial for the Saturn in Aries to help relax.

The key for this Saturn is to learn (patiently) to get what he wants and assert his intentions without aggression or even violence and most importantly without aiming solely for personal benefit.
Saturn in the signs - Taurus
Material structuring and limitations

With this Saturn placement, the limitations around sensuality and enjoyment become more obvious and often the person with Saturn in Taurus can be overly materialistic. However, if Saturn’s limiting powers take over too much, people with this placement are likely to deny themselves even the basic of pleasures if they don’t see the benefit in enjoying themselves to the point where they considered mean. This comes from very basic existential fears and anxieties which drive the person with Saturn in Taurus to save and hoard and only spend what is absolutely necessary. If the Saturn in Taurus receives no support from Jupiter or if he is in an aspect to the Moon, then there may be an irrational fear of poverty and a marked imbalance around giving and taking.

The result can be tensions in the shoulder and neck area (Taurus rules the neck) as a consequence of distrust and the fear that someone could take away something essential. There may be a feeling of having to live with a certain kind of lack of something the result of which is extreme hoarding.

On the other hand, people with this Saturn placement are also able to develop a deep fondness of everything earthy and solid and this includes clear structures around their finances. They are not easily led by short-term pleasures but see more value in longer-term investments. Having money is equal to status for this Saturn and the more they have in their savings account the better.

However, it is important for the Saturn in Taurus person to remain grounded and objective and not be too fixated on saving and not spending as the feeling of denial might become too overwhelming at some point. At the end of the day, money can’t buy happiness.
Saturn in the signs - Gemini
Sober thinkers

Throughout his lifetime, this Saturn learns time and time again that life comes in many colours, shades and tastes.
Saturn in Gemini has a very structured and disciplined approach to all areas Gemini rules – communication, driving, negotiations, selling and buying as well as mental agility. If Saturn in Gemini is very strong in a chart then the person with this placement in the chart may think of himself has having limited intellectual skills. The way Saturn in Gemini communicates may at times also comes across as curt and abrupt due to the very clearly structured way these people think. Saturn in Gemini only uses the most essential of vocabulary – no need for unnecessary banter and embellishments.

While there may sometimes be a fear of studying that stems from a feeling of not being clever enough to study, this placement is excellent for engineers or doctors who are required to communicate concepts in a very clear manner and where mistakes can have grave consequences.

Where Saturn in Gemini was brought up in a strict environment, speech disorders may occur which may require some therapy. Controversially, Saturn in Gemini deeply dislikes speech therapy as all forms of communication have to have a tangible and material outcome or, at the very least, such an objective. Saturn in Gemini does not go after utopic speculation and has a need to turn ideas into practical reality – with time, this can lead to great success and even innovative breakthroughs in the area of communication, gadgets, science or design after a long time of trial and error. This Saturn is a real problem solver

Fearful emotions

This planetary position means that there is a need to distinguish between real feelings of love and longing and those that are just driven by desire and purpose. Saturn in Cancer looks for a ready-made nest to settle down which means that this Saturn holds on to outdated habits and emotional patterns that he interprets as real affection even though to outsiders, these emotions have simply become mechanical routines. This is a consequence of not wanting to be alone – under no circumstances. However, what this Saturn needs to realise is that without knowing himself and allowing periods of loneliness to pass, the more likely it is to be emotionally disappointed.

Saturn limits whatever he touches, so Saturn in Cancer may feel guilty about his past, emotions or experienced some emotional restrictions through the mother. (Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon in the chart is the mother although some astrologers say it means the parent of the same gender, so it could be the father for a man).

From an early sense of insecurity comes the feeling that emotional security is everything for this Saturn. The person with this placement may have a very disciplined approach to achieving these goals. Saturn in Cancer can also be quite protective of the homeland and more patriotic than others.

Physical signs of emotions and the sense of security being out of place are digestive issues.

Ultimately, Saturn in Cancer needs to learn to trust that another person can love them for who they are instead of insisting on a certain idea of what love needs to look like. A kind of learning process in being emotionally more open is required here...

Hard earned leadership roles

Saturn limits what he touches so with this placement, there is no time and room to over-estimate abilities and skills. Saturn in Leo gives a clearer view of personal limitation, skills and which objectives can be reasonably achieved. But where the sign of Leo is needed and desired, i.e. for stage performance and theatre, it can lead to actual stage fright and certain rigidity in freely and fully expressing all personality traits. This is one of the more difficult placements for Saturn as the desire for admiration and public acknowledgement is there but the applause is missing.

Saturn in Leo is a perfectionist who conscientiously completes his tasks but at the same time, he pours all his energies into several tasks at the same before setbacks and defeat make him realise, once again, where his personal limitations lie. These setbacks are a sign that stress levels need to be regulated. If these signs are ignored, Saturn in Leo can easily suffer from high blood pressure – Leo rules the heart so too much expectation on personal performance can affect its condition.

The solution is to determine what is a priority and what is not. As with everything Saturn-related, it takes time and maturity and a lot of practice and repeat performance. But in the end Saturn in Leo realises that his overly ambitious behaviour may have just been down to a lack of self-esteem. Once this realisation sinks in, Saturn in Leo is able to understand his true value which automatically means that he subconsciously sets new personal boundaries for himself and others to avoid having to pour yet more energy into projects or even relationships that don’t serve him.

In the end, once Saturn in Leo has matured, his majesty enters the room without self-doubt and a lack of self-esteem.

Saturn in the signs - Virgo
Regulating imbalances

This Saturn can very easily cope with routine and repeat behaviours and certainly doesn’t fear hard work. As long as Saturn in Virgo is economical with where he puts his energies and who and what he dedicated his time to, this is an honourable effort. However, Saturn in Virgo needs to be careful not to let monotony creep into his life.
Saturn in the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo can often have a tendency to problematise, be a little argumentative, expect conflict and confrontation and to think negatively. Saturn in Virgo can also be quit critical about the smallest imperfections in his environment. But, this is a good placement for those that need to regulate imbalances – i.e. to help those in a situation of imbalance such as those working in a hospital or for the police force. Saturn in Virgo can make a great difference, when he pours his efforts correcting social injustice or improving working conditions. But while Saturn in Virgo may dedicate himself to helping those who are victimised or out of balance, he may actually harm himself if duty is put above feelings and having a rest. He will always tend to think that work and service come before his own health.

With his high standards of perfection, he can achieve first class results but he needs to be a little tolerant when it comes to others’ quality standards, they may just not be as high as his own which can lead Saturn in Virgo to criticise others unnecessarily. His high standards of quality also mean that he only spends money on things he really needs and then, only the best money can buy.
Saturn in the signs - Libra

Love, beauty and duty
Saturn is exalted in Libra so is able to be at its most constructive in this sign. This Saturn knows that in order to achieve anything of value, cooperation and teamwork is the key but only as long as everyone involved in the project feels they are treated fairly and just. Saturn in Libra understand that compromise and accepting other people’s point of view is important for constructive progress.
Saturn is always a hard worker and in combination with the sign of Libra, it is the ideal placement for someone who works in an area where the two principles of the planets Saturn and Venus can be combined – so, structured or artistic design. Saturn in Libra displays a large amount social sensitivity and responsibility with very good organisational skills.
The danger is that the sign of Libra needs constant harmony and Saturn prefers a structured approach. These two situations combined can lead to a kind of paralysis where it can be even more difficult to make a decision and old patterns of behavior repeat themselves, especially in relationships. In fact, love and duty are closely linked for Saturn in Libra but this does not necessarily mean physical monogamy. This is not to say that Saturn in Libra is unfaithful at all but loyalty for this Saturn mainly means being responsible in relationships to ensure they keep going. This, however, also means that his own sense of fun becomes de-prioritised. As always, the best cure for Saturn is self-realisation.
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Saturn in the signs - Scorpio
Fear of Intimacy
Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr
Saturn in the emotional sign of Scorpio realises over and over again that he is emotionally dependent on other people. Out of fear of being hurt, this Saturn prefers to keep his emotions to himself and in extreme cases build a barrier around him to protect his feelings. There may be a resistance to getting close to other people although it’s clear that this Saturn is quite an emotional one. This can even stretch to Saturn in Scorpio wanting to put barriers and limitations around physical needs, enjoyment and pleasures. In traditional astrology, Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of pioneering endeavours and constant forward movement. However, Saturn likes clear structures that always remain in place and with that comes a fear and a deeply-felt resistance to the constant change and transformation Mars imposes – in particular in connection with the sign of Scorpio.
Saturn in Scorpio can also have highly controlling qualities, however, there can also be marked endurance in people with this placement. This can also result in someone who insists on his point of view - giving in is equal to defeat with Saturn in this sign.
It may sound heavy-going for some but Saturn in Scorpio may do well out of a psychotherapy treatment to understand his fear of intimacy, resistance to change and the need to control.
Saturn in the signs - Sagittarius
Belief in discipline
Although there may be some rigidity and a hugely disciplined approach to religion, faith and beliefs present, Saturn in Sagittarius has to learn over and over again that the only way to gain new experiences is from learning by doing. So, while Sagittarius wants to go off into a world of ideas and ideals, Saturn in this sign ensure that life’s challenges and tasks bring him back down to earth. And it’s exactly that which prevents him from becoming someone who preaches for the sake of it. Saturn in Sagittarius needs to see sense in everything he does and he spends a lot of time trying to find the right path for himself to follow.

Tolerance and mutual understanding are key areas Saturn in Sagittarius needs to work on as he has the tendency to only exchange ideas and thoughts with people of a similar educational level - or higher. This means, the gap between those that think differently widens.

Nevertheless, Saturn in Sagittarius is a great teacher with a disciplined approach to the task and one who easily conforms to idealistic beliefs and rituals. Often, when the Saturn in Sagittarius combination is lived to its greatest potential, a person with this placement could be someone who organises and structures adventure tours, unusual holidays, school outings, sports competitions or religious gatherings right down to the last detail ensuring everyone get the best out of the experience. Saturn in Sagittarius can often be found in places where knowledge needs to be preserved or structured such as at places of higher education.

Status and success after hard work

Saturn is at home in Capricorn and everything happens at the right time, with the right amount effort and with the appropriate reward. This Saturn want to be successful but success comes only after lengthy procedure, repeated learning experiences and some delay.

Saturn in Capricorn is a hard worker who consistently abides by the rules, is fairly predictable with conventional values and beliefs. This Saturn pours his energies into achieving a clearly defined goal and has the ability to understand processes and the details and milestones involved. Through observation and with the ability to grasp more complex concepts, Saturn in Capricorn eventually becomes the master of his trade. This Saturn does not function well with long periods of dolce far niente and he might even get depressed without a goal he is dutifully working towards.

So, this Saturn is quite an ambitious one but if the position in the chart is particularly strong, the famous Saturnian energies can grow beyond healthy judgment and efforts – problems with bones and movement in general are the result. Saturn in Capricorn not only needs to ensure that enough down time is integrated into his routine but he also needs to make sure he keeps warm, for example goes to the Sauna a lot in the winter to avoid becoming too tense and stiff – also in a psychological sense.

As with many Saturn positions, this one has to avoid denying himself lives many pleasures.

Those born in the early 1930s, 1960s and 1990s have Saturn in this position.

Disciplined networkers
Saturn in Aquarius is a very capable networker and reformist who is able to think strategically, with a broad viewpoint and an interest in social reform. Saturn rules the sign of Aquarius and therefore feels very comfortable in this environment where he can apply his disciplined and structured approach to the scientific nature of Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius is extremely productive when it comes to achieving change for the common good such as policy changes or combining different ideological perspectives to achieve more. He naturally is able to take on responsibility for large groups and finds it fairly easy to arrange or re-arrange social groups. Therefore, Saturn in Aquarius may quite often find himself in leadership positions, putting together some of the most successful and productive teams and groups. This Saturn has the ability to think and act objectively and independently. This can, however, also mean that someone with Saturn in this position can be a bit of a loner who flits in between different camps, not really belonging to one or the other. While this may be the case, this Saturn also has a fear of being tied down if he feels he has to commit to one idea, group, association and sometimes even person. If Saturn in Aquarius feels he has to commit to something he did not freely choose to be associated with, he gets nervous and irritable.
Saturn in Aquarius never stops learning and even in his free time, he needs to know that his undertakings serve a purpose and are of use to him in day to day life.
Saturn in the signs - Pisces
Realistic dreams

A person with Saturn in Pisces is required to turn his ideas, dreams and intuitive insights into reality. This Saturn can be very artistic and spiritual but this often only comes with a certain level of maturity and when a person has reached the point where they can absolutely trust their intuition without being scared of it. Saturn in Pisces can often find security in their belief systems but initially, there may also be certain level of resistance towards faith and intuitive guidance. In order to achieve turn their dreams into reality, Saturn in Pisces needs to adopt a practical way of thinking and sense of what can be turned into reality and what can’t – or shouldn’t. The path to differentiating between what is transferrable into the realm of reality can be a difficult one and along the way, a person with this Saturn placement is often bewildered by the rules by which the world goes round. If Saturn is placed in an awkward position, then the person with this placement may be prone to infections and a weak overall immune system and resilience.

However, the opposite may also be the case and if Saturn in Pisces tries deny its penchant for daydreaming then everyday life with its trials and tribulations may be considered too harsh to accept. The best remedy for this Saturn is to make sure he remains open and sensitive towards the needs of others as well as his own. That way, if he goes with the flow while not getting lost in the storm, it’s easier for him to accept the ups and downs of life without falling prey to the rat race.
Saturn in Pisces is not the most ambitious one but if he reaches the top, it’s in a quiet and compassionate way – slowly and behind the scenes where no one can meddle in his affairs. Once this Saturn realises that worries, fears and a lack of self-esteem are often unfounded in reality and instead, he uses his sensibility to understand others’ feelings, he can do very well in areas such as therapy and counselling.






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