Saturn in the signs - Taurus

Material structuring and limitations

With this Saturn placement, the limitations around sensuality and enjoyment become more obvious and often the person with Saturn in Taurus can be overly materialistic. However, if Saturn’s limiting powers take over too much, people with this placement are likely to deny themselves even the basic of pleasures if they don’t see the benefit in enjoying themselves to the point where they considered mean. This comes from very basic existential fears and anxieties which drive the person with Saturn in Taurus to save and hoard and only spend what is absolutely necessary. If the Saturn in Taurus receives no support from Jupiter or if he is in an aspect to the Moon, then there may be an irrational fear of poverty and a marked imbalance around giving and taking.

The result can be tensions in the shoulder and neck area (Taurus rules the neck) as a consequence of distrust and the fear that someone could take away something essential. There may be a feeling of having to live with a certain kind of lack of something the result of which is extreme hoarding.

On the other hand, people with this Saturn placement are also able to develop a deep fondness of everything earthy and solid and this includes clear structures around their finances. They are not easily led by short-term pleasures but see more value in longer-term investments. Having money is equal to status for this Saturn and the more they have in their savings account the better.

However, it is important for the Saturn in Taurus person to remain grounded and objective and not be too fixated on saving and not spending as the feeling of denial might become too overwhelming at some point. At the end of the day, money can’t buy happiness.

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