Saturn in the signs - Aquarius

Disciplined networkers

Saturn in Aquarius is a very capable networker and reformist who is able to think strategically, with a broad viewpoint and an interest in social reform. Saturn rules the sign of Aquarius and therefore feels very comfortable in this environment where he can apply his disciplined and structured approach to the scientific nature of Aquarius.
Saturn in Aquarius is extremely productive when it comes to achieving change for the common good such as policy changes or combining different ideological perspectives to achieve more. He naturally is able to take on responsibility for large groups and finds it fairly easy to arrange or re-arrange social groups. Therefore, Saturn in Aquarius may quite often find himself in leadership positions, putting together some of the most successful and productive teams and groups. This Saturn has the ability to think and act objectively and independently. This can, however, also mean that someone with Saturn in this position can be a bit of a loner who flits in between different camps, not really belonging to one or the other. While this may be the case, this Saturn also has a fear of being tied down if he feels he has to commit to one idea, group, association and sometimes even person. If Saturn in Aquarius feels he has to commit to something he did not freely choose to be associated with, he gets nervous and irritable.

Saturn in Aquarius never stops learning and even in his free time, he needs to know that his undertakings serve a purpose and are of use to him in day to day life.

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