Saturn in the signs - Sagittarius

Belief in discipline
Although there may be some rigidity and a hugely disciplined approach to religion, faith and beliefs present, Saturn in Sagittarius has to learn over and over again that the only way to gain new experiences is from learning by doing. So, while Sagittarius wants to go off into a world of ideas and ideals, Saturn in this sign ensure that life’s challenges and tasks bring him back down to earth. And it’s exactly that which prevents him from becoming someone who preaches for the sake of it. Saturn in Sagittarius needs to see sense in everything he does and he spends a lot of time trying to find the right path for himself to follow.

Tolerance and mutual understanding are key areas Saturn in Sagittarius needs to work on as he has the tendency to only exchange ideas and thoughts with people of a similar educational level - or higher.  This means, the gap between those that think differently widens.

Nevertheless, Saturn in Sagittarius is a great teacher with a disciplined approach to the task and one who easily conforms to idealistic beliefs and rituals. Often, when the Saturn in Sagittarius combination is lived to its greatest potential, a person with this placement could be someone who organises and structures adventure tours, unusual holidays, school outings, sports competitions or religious gatherings right down to the last detail ensuring everyone get the best out of the experience. Saturn in Sagittarius can often be found in places where knowledge needs to be preserved or structured such as at places of higher education.

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