May 2015 horoscope - Aries

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the May 2015 horoscope for birthdays from 14th April to 15th May or Aries Ascendants or Moons

Aries, the full Moon on 4th May in Libra is in the area of your chart to do with relationships and whatever began in November 2013 is now revealed and dealt with head on. Although you don’t have any long-term transits affecting your partnerships at the moment, Saturn and Rahu / the North node on either side of your relationship zone keep the pressure going, only now you are in a much stronger position than you were this time last year. Boy, have you learnt some lessons and now you are ready to apply those learnings. Now, for some, this full Moon is also a period where you finish up a cycle to do with your home and with Jupiter, the planet of expansion in this area of your chart at the moment, you’ll finish up a refurbishment project, you finally get that contract on a new home signed or you finally decide to move. If the disruption and what happened at home was less pleasant and you had to deal with unforeseen repairs, then this too is coming to an end now. But most and foremost, early May has to do with relationships, agreements, balanced and committed partnerships and finding an emotional balance or emotional support from another. This is a time to unearth things, issues, even secrets in a relationship and face them head on. Although there is a chance that you’re involved with someone who you quite like but it’s probably not until later in the year when things get a little more serious.

This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Swati, ruled by Rahu. Swati is the ‘Great Breath’ and the wind. It’s related to thoughts and ideas, flexible thought processes and getting the word out. If you have something to say, do it now.  In particular, when it comes to (joint) finances where you seem to display considerable ambitions now - usually of the ‘having it all’ variety. For you, this, again, has to do with partnerships and it may be the other person who now provides some financial support to you or who provides a good deal of emotional support.

Then, the Sun, Mercury and Mars gather in Taurus and around the time of the new Moon on 18th May you’ll be firmly focused on money and income as well as joint resources and family money including inheritance and wills. With Saturn in the area of your chart to do with death and rebirth or on a less serious note, transformation, money from other people, i.e. family, could be on its way. If this is the case, even if not and you are dealing with banks, insurance companies etc., then do double-check your contracts and read the small print before you sign your life away – Mercury is retrograde and opposing Saturn so conversations with your bank manager, or those holding the money, won’t be easy nor very straight forward. Have a great month, Aries!

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