May 2015 horoscope - Pisces

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the May 2015 horoscope for birthdays from 15th March to 13th April or Pisces Ascendants and Moons

Pisces, the pressure on relationships and yourself is easing but for a little while longer you’ll have to sort out the kind of things Pisceans don’t really want to know about – money, possessions and joint income. The full Moon on 4th May in the area of your chart to do with joint resources, finances and all things that go on behind closed doors is a time when exactly that will come to light. In all likelihood, this has to do with children, mortgages and family money that needs to be put in order, while for others this can be a joining of forces as you put what you have together to build something bigger and better.

This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Swati, ruled by Rahu. Swati is the ‘Great Breath’ and the wind. It’s related to thoughts and ideas, flexible thought processes and getting the word out. If you have something to say, do it now.  In particular, when it comes to (joint) finances where you seem to display considerable ambitions now - usually of the ‘having it all’ variety, especially in your chart.

As the month goes on your focus moves away from finances and onto the things that you, especially as a Piscean, have more of an affinity for. It’s about creativity, hobbies, learning something new and going on a trip. The new Moon on 18th May is in Taurus and in this area of your chart is an opportunity to start a new course, communicate something important to you and make your holiday plans, launch your creative projects or get through that mountain of paperwork. The downsides are that Saturn is may be opposing your plans, putting some obstacles in your way – but only for you to take a closer look at what you’re doing -, making sure you stick to what’s necessary and, most importantly, not go overboard with plans, promises and everything you want to accomplish.

For those who are single, this is actually a time when you really opening up again to the possibility to meeting someone. You’re active, outgoing and you’ve put the last months of stress and pressure behind you. Have a great month, Pisces!

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