May 2015 horoscope - Capricorn

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the May 2015 horoscope for birthdays from 15th January to 12th February or Capricorn Ascendants and Moons

Capricorn, the past year saw your relationships transform and expand and hopefully ‘optimise’ in some way. In particular if you are single, the current period is one of hope, optimism and especially opportunity. May 2015 especially is a time of romance, fun and creativity. You are more willing to take risks – in love and marriage – and if you belief in the law of attraction, this month could see you meet someone special, fall in love and really get a little bit closer to making your dreams come true. The full Moon on 4th May is in the area of your chart to do with your life direction, reputation and status and has irrevocably to do with partnerships, agreements and deals to be signed. With so much happening in your love, relationship and marriage sectors, this could be a time when love come knocking on your door. So, whatever began in November 2013 is now revealed and dealt with head on. If you are single, this means the process of understanding what you want and who you want comes to an end – you now know and you’ve understood. If you are coupled up, again, the process of your life being turned upside down through relationships and work is coming to an end and you are able to move forward together (or not – although a break is not really indicated).

This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Swati, ruled by Rahu. Swati is the ‘Great Breath’ and the wind. It’s related to thoughts and ideas, flexible thought processes and getting the word out. If you have something to say, do it now.  In particular, when it comes to (joint) finances where you seem to display considerable ambitions now - usually of the ‘having it all’ variety. For you, this is about any joint undertakings, relationship matters and contracts, if you have something to say, say it now or forever hold your peace – kind of thing…

Then, the new Moon on 18th May is in Taurus and in the area of your chart to do with children, creativity and risky undertakings, performance, love and romance – and for something longer-term rather than a little fling. You’ve got high hopes these days for your future and while achieving your goals is currently a somewhat arduous affair, the planetary configurations are firmly on your side. Stick with it, even if some old faces, hopes and dreams need to go, you’ll have someone by your side to support you, if not already, then soon. Have a great month, Capricorn!

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