Annual solar horoscope 2013 / 2014 - Leo

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the annual solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th August to 15th September or Leo Ascendants and Moons

By Louise Gilbert
Leo, when I looked at your chart, what immediately came to mind were keywords such as romance, creativity and expansion. Although you still have Neptune in opposition for a number of years which can cause some insecurities and illusions, in particular in relationships, there is a lot of romance in the air for you until the summer of 2014. Romance is happening on a deeper level these days, it feels more profound and short flings are either a thing of the past or they leave bigger marks than previously. The same goes for children. If you have some, they will place enormous demands on you and your time and if this is the year when you become a parent for the first time, the experience will change your perception of who you are profoundly.

In any case, this is a year to expand our circle of friends and work on achieving your hopes and your dreams. Your positive attitude helps you with that. You'll be networking and communicating a lot more this year, honing your skills in these areas. You'll soon be well-connected, possibly also internationally, which in turn has a positive impact on potential romantic partners as well as your career. It's who you know not what you know these days and as a Leo, you'll have no issue making sure other people know you exist. If you are keen to climb the career ladder, you'll be in the right place at the right time at least until mid-June 2014. While your responsibilities at work may be expanding, I think it's more the overall business you work in and the nature of it that'll turn more international, broad, high-level as well as optimistic and inspiring, if you like. This is the placement of the fundraiser and with Neptune in opposition to your Sun sign - especially for those born around 26th August to 30th August - making you less focused on your own needs and more inclined to selflessly help others, devising a campaign to raise money for charity could be your new calling.

Over these next twelve or so months, you'll have the ability to expand your social circle which is likely to be quite varied, you'll be able to get people together for a good cause and motivate them. It's your own appeal and charisma that helps you move mountains now. One of the side effects will be that you'll either feel or simply will be quite privileged both financially and socially.

Despite some transformative experiences around relationships and relating to others in general, the next 12 months should be relatively stress free. Saturn is causing you no particular issues and only wants you to be more focused, perhaps learn a new skill and think before you speak. If you are a typical Leo, you should have no problem finding the right words at the right time but this year, you are being asked to narrow your focus. This will help you implement a new idea, get a concept off the ground and deal with difficult co-workers or partners. If you feel you've been taken for a ride by a partner recently, then this year, you'll find the tools and word to put an end to that and express what's on your mind. Use the time until June next year to do so.

All of this newly-found understanding prepares you for a slightly more introvert period and potentially a big move over the next two years. You'll already have an idea by mid-May 2014 of what kind of move is involved. The spring of 2014 is also the time when you realise that you've either spent too much or your financial planning needs some kick-starting to make sure you can afford your dream home.

Now, as I said, love, romance and relationships pre-occupy you this year and if you are single and loking, then the full Moon at the end of December means sparks could be flying - make sure you've got the mistletoe to hand. Only two months later, in mid-February 2014, your relationship could turn more into something more committed. However, you'll still need to be careful and make sure you've checked all the facts as Neptune is nearby and Mercury, the planet of communication, is in retrograde - all in your house of committed relationships. This means misunderstandings and miscommunication, in particular around finance, can cause some issues.

After the spring of 2014, as you move towards the end of your solar year, you'll begin a quieter period where you wrap-up a twelve-year Jupiter cycle and then later on that year, a 29-year Saturn cycle.

From mid-June 2014, Jupiter moves into your 12th house of behind the scenes, bringing with it a desire to travel - i.e. escape reality for a while - and recuperate. You may feel like petrol is running out after a year of practically non-stop socialising that left you running on empty. To help you digest the experiences of the past 12 months, your dream life is becoming more vivid and active. Listen to those dreams then as they might have some valuable indications with regards to what's next on the agenda. Being by the sea and the ocean will do just the same then.

If you have children then this may be a time of invisible changes in their lives. You may have a feeling about what's going on but best to ask. They may need a little coaching during this time.

This is a fairly comfortable year with lots of expansion around friends, groups, networks and romance which may tempt you to rest on your laurels. Watch out for that tendency as the latter half of 2014 brings some changes around your finances as well as your emotional and your home life. Be prepared for that.
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