September 2013 horoscope - Aquarius

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the September 2013 astrology forecast for birthdays from 13th February to 14th March or Aquarius Ascendants and Moons

By Louise Gilbert
Aquarius, you may have been feeling rather lucky recently as your levels of optimism and faith in things to come has provided you with some stability. Aquarians are naturally curious and recently, you may have learnt a lesson or two on your travels around the globe, even if they just happened in your mind. New ways of viewing the world and understanding what is happening around you has been shaped by restructured philosophical beliefs, maybe a course of higher education, a mentor or teacher who left their mark with their ideas and thoughts.
None of this is about to change but most importantly, it is your romantic mood that is set to continue as children, fun, romance and relationships carry on being your main areas of focus. If you are single, then September 2013 is a month where you want to commit to someone or, if the circumstances are so, then you're keen to leave the past behind and start a fresh chapter around relationships. 
In astrology, the area to do with romance and fun also has to do with gambling and speculative ventures and performing art. Games, theatre, and politics, anywhere where you can be on stage seem to be attractive options to earn a living now. You are able to capitalise on and benefit from the areas of performance art, theatrical production, literary creativity including autobiographies if you are so inclined. Once Mercury, the planet of communications, enters the sign of Virgo on 5th September and moves into your area of transformation and healing, your financial situation looks stable, especially if you are the one looking after your monetary resources as well as those of your partner. This is also a time where you may have to deal with matters of inheritance, wills and tax issues - luckily only for a short period of time. Most of all, this is a time when you benefit from children, either your own, those you teach or those you've adopted, as your values begin to change due to the lessons of self-awareness they teach you.
On the same day as Mercury moves signs, 5th September, the new Moon in Leo takes place in your house of committed relationships. This new Moon falls into the nakshatra of Purvaphalguni, the 11th of 27 'wives of the Moon' and one of three that is ruled by the planet Venus. This is a creative nakshatra which broadly speaking brings skills in arts and a love of pleasure. The deity for this star is Bhaga, the God of Prosperity. For you, this introduces a new 2 1/2 year period around relationships. It's a time to find a new partner or turning over a new leaf with an existing one. You are keen to see a breakthroughs either way and whatever the result, even if it's very subtle and minor, can introduce a new understanding around partnerships, both new and old. Negotiations and diplomacy are also part of the picture during this period as well as an increased awareness of the need for someone significant to share your life with.
In any case, the next six to nine month will have some more exciting developments in this area in store for you. You don't can't possible know what's evolving at this moment, so be patient.
The subsequent full Moon on 19th September is in the sign of Pisces and your house of values and your income. As with every full Moon, the Sun is positioned at the other end and sits in your house of joint resources, so if indeed, you and your partner have decided to take things further, you are now looking at what you have versus what you need to build a joint future. It's time for some give and take and an awareness of how much you are willing to share with your partner as opposed to how much you need to share. Think about what happened in March 2012. There may have been a new beginning to do with your finances, now this is coming to an end, being sorted (almost) once and for all.
Have a great month, Aquarius!
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