November 2014 horoscope - Scorpio

I follow the sidereal/Vedic calendar; this is the November 2014 horoscope for birthdays from 16th November to 15th December or Scorpio Ascendants and Moons

Scorpio, wow, what a month you seem to have ahead of you! A month that, as it progresses, shows two completely different sides and you may feel it already but you are on the verge of a completely new period in your life. November starts with the majority of planets in the sign before yours and for a long time, you’ve been thinking and contemplating about the things that no longer feel right in your life and how to eclipse them out of your life. This could be expectations, behaviours, thought processes and for some, a living situation that is about to change. You’ve now completed this process and you are ready to start making changes – slowly. Saturn is involved in this process and whenever there is Saturn, things move slowly. The taskmaster changes signs on 2nd November and moves from Libra into your sign.

Generally speaking, after two and a half years of working on more balanced relationships or situations where we have Libra in our chart, it’s time for a step change and a refocus to a different part of life where we all now have to learn our biggest lessons. In the sign of Scorpio, this, more generally speaking has to do with intense commitments. The agent of ‘no-change’, conformity, uniformity, very slow movement, freezing up and standstill is now in the sign of sudden changes, transformation, healing, sexual energy and appeal, power, money, psychology and secrets. Saturn in Scorpio resists sudden changes and transformation, making healing processes of all kind not necessarily more difficult but it certainly slows down the process. And where the ‘healing’ process hasn’t even begun yet, Saturn forces us to take a closer look now – and quite possibly develop a thicker skin. This is also a period where we need to learn to deal with others’ controlling and manipulative behaviours and find a way to say ‘stop, no more’. The ‘danger’ with Saturn in Scorpio is that sudden changes, the various emergencies and upheavals are more difficult to deal if we are not able to respond accordingly or swiftly.

For you, the next couple of years (and a bit), starting from late November, and where your biggest learnings, teachings and wisdom will come from, is, well, yourself. This is a time of slower forward movement, a time of routine and steady albeit slow progress. Initially, this can feel oppressive and you may feel some heavier responsibilities being placed upon you at work or at home but over time your newly found diligence and sense of duty towards others, at work and at home will win others over – slowly, remember we aren’t talking about weeks here. Over time, as you get used to Saturn’s temporary presence in your sign, your marriage and relationships will benefit – you’re not one for flings and affairs anyway (generally speaking!) but this transit helps to maintain a relationship alongside with a willingness to work on it…unless after trying and trying, you decide that not everything that’s broken can be fixed.

But before all that, the full Moon on 6th November is in Aries and in the area of your chart to do with health and wellbeing, conflict and imbalances. Your stress levels may be high, work may be demanding, so it’s good time to relax, unwind and meditate. This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Bharani, ruled by Venus. Bharani ruled by Venus.Bharani is the Bearer. In the Nakshatra of Bharani, this Moon position is described as carrying a burden, carry expectations or bearing responsibility, carrying on with duties regardless. Heavily work related, you may be asked to meet a few tight deadlines, work overtime or really attend to a few health matters now.

The new Moon on 22nd November is in your own sign and alongside a stellium of other planets – Venus and Saturn and a couple of days later also Mercury gather in your sign now. With Mars in your income sector and Mercury in you sign from later November, money should be coming your way again. Even though December is an even stronger month for that – also for outgoings and spending it (!) – you’ll be pushed to make the first move in late November to either ask for a pay rise and / or a promotion or apply for a new job. If you are single (or in a couple) and money is not so much on your mind, the focus on relationships is greater than it has been for a long time. Have a great month, Scorpio!

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