October 2014 horoscope - Aquarius

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the October 2014 astrology forecast for birthdays from 13th February to 14th March or Aquarius Ascendants and Moons

Aquarius, I thought, I'd try and talk about something new for your chart this month and I know, you out of all the signs might appreciate that. Over the past two years, I looked at your chart and with Saturn in the 9th house, many of you will have undertaken a course, learned something new, studied and revised your belief system. That's what I focused on but what about your marriage? I never discussed this in great detail but in Vedic astrology, this area of your chart got hammered over these past two years with the previous eclipse cycle and with Saturn here , forcing you to work on your marriage. Perhaps some of you are or were involved in legal battle or faced some other hardship in this area. It would not have been an easy task of course but luckily, this is now coming to an end. Connected to what's going on in your marriage - as well as education, new and higher learning and your belief system - are your finances. If you are having to deal with a legal situation and money needs to be discussed, then the lunar eclipse on 8th October will shed some light on the matter at hand. Lunar eclipses are very potent full Moons and because of the opposition of the Sun and Moon, are relationship-oriented. The full Moon brings things to light and with an eclipse, may involve some sort of a crisis. It's a time when a need or want becomes so intense, you can't ignore it. This can come from within yourself or from external sources - most likely a partner. If you are single, then perhaps the gap in your life due to a lack of a relationship, makes it presence felt - if a partnership is indeed what you want. Uranus is involved in the eclipse, so things you've been feeling and thoughts you've had come bubbling up to the surface. It's about thoughts and feelings that you've started to be aware of at the turn of the year and throughout January 2014. In your case, the eclipse cycle for the next 18 months hits your finances and your income, very quickly changing the status quo. Added to that is Mercury going backwards in the sky from 5th to 25th October 2014. Mercury makes sure you ask the right questions when it comes to money, mortgage applications, inheritance, tax matters and investments. Mercury is also the deal-maker, so financial deals, including those part of personal and professional partnerships are reviewed and revisited. While all of this can surely shake your foundations to some extent, it can be a cleansing exercise too.

This cycle is in the naksahtra of Revati, ruled by Mercury. Some of the meanings of Revati are the Shining One, the Protector of Herds and Wealth and the one descended from a wealthy family. So, Revati is a Shining Light who shows the Path to others. Although part of the eclipse, this full Moon is considered a rather lucky one where we are able to move freely from one mental engagement to the next, like a monkey with long agile arms swinging from one tree branch to the next.

The new Moon on 23rd October in the area of your chart to do with legal matters, marriage, travels and higher education is a new beginning for sure but really, it is a wave goodbye to Saturn. Saturn leaves this area of your chart next month not to return for another 29 - 30 years. Lessons in marriage, working towards a higher or further education or planning the trip of a lifetime / returning from it are activities that all bearing fruits now. Especially, your relationship and your marriage are not feeling the same amount of pressure anymore but one last push is what's needed. Have a great month, Aquarius!

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