Annual solar horoscope 2014 / 2015 - Sagittarius

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the annual 2015 horoscope for birthdays from 16th December to 14th January or Sagittarius Ascendants and Moons 

Sagittarius, your solar year begins with three of the outer planets in areas of your chart that have to do with your inner life, your psychological workings, your intuition and your sense of security. A lot of you will be changing the way you feel about certain things over the coming 12 months - continuing really from where you started as far as two or more years ago. Pluto, the planet of transformation is still in your sign, giving the usually carefree and easygoing Sagittarians an ever so slightly - in some cases not so subtle - scorpionic, deep and dark edge. In an ongoing square to Uranus, the planet of sudden change, this transit brings out a somewhat unpredictable side in you - a reflection of the inner tension you may be feeling. If handled carefully, you can achieve much during this transit, you have the power to get people to listen to you now. However, if you are less aware of the consequences your actions have then this transit can make you seem irrational at times as you continue to figure out where you're headed. This is not something new to you, this is an ongoing transit but it continues until the end of next year by which point you as well as your home life will have changed beyond recognition compared to four or five years ago.  

In the meantime, your ruler, Jupiter, has moved into an area of your chart to do with shared resources, shared finances, inheritance, intimacy and the value of intimacy. From this vantage point, Jupiter protects this area in your life as well as your own income. For a lot of Sagittarians, it seems as though their money will go into a new home. If your home life has been a little unstable and with sudden changes, Jupiter can cast a beneficial glance onto this area in your life but he can also expand and enhance what's already there - so, if you're fed up with the house moves or the drama at home, watch this space before it gets out of hand. For others, of a certain age, inheritance matters and wills will be on the agenda. In any case, Sagittarians will feel almost 'reborn' by the time the summer of 2015 comes along as you shed some of the weight that's been on your shoulders. After that, you'll be back in your element, turing into the adventurous globetrotter, keen to see and learn about other counties, cultures, religions and hold philosophical discourse until the early hours - and at the end of it all honour the world with your memoirs about your newly discovered insights. In Vedic astrology, this area of the chart also has to do with marriage and legal matters, so, there you go, no need to comment further. I'd lean more towards a marriage than a divorce, although you may not have been the easiest to be around and live with over the past months, maybe more - or of course, the other person wasn't, depending on how you look at it. But this is a positive and expansive influence and you give yourself to it wholeheartedly, so it seems as though a divorce is not really the case here. 

Although it seems as though you'll be travelling a lot more to earn your pennies, after July 2015, your frequent flyer miles will move sharply into the upward direction. Either that or you actually are re-locating abroad for a while, for quite some time or for a long time for work or studies. In any case, you won't seem to be spending too much time close to your nearest and dearest or at least not be staying in close to your primary and main residence or the place you were born for a very long period at a time. If you are a typical Sag, you won't mind that at all of course - there is just too much to be seen, so many people to meet and so much to contemplate. The summer of 2015 and specifically July, is also a good time for romance and relationships. With Jupiter's expansive and uplifting influence on you shortly after, an existing relationship could take on a new shape or someone new will sweeten up your days. Have a great year, Sag!

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