January 2015 horoscope - Libra

I follow the Vedic calendar; this is the January 2015 horoscope for birthdays from 16th October to 15th November or Libra Ascendants and Moons

Libra, similar to Scorpios, your home life is the focus of your attention this month and stands in the spotlight. But at least, you’ll have more fun around the house, ha! Your ruler, Venus, and Mars are both travelling through your home zone at the beginning of the month meaning that not only do you want to spend some time at home, you’ll also think about establishing a home office there and how you can go about doing that while part of you also considers how to finance such a new venture. For others, buying a home is top of the agenda now, renting out an existing one or taking in a lodger – in summary, profiting from your home is something your keen to do, especially as money is a bit tight these days or you’ve because you’ve been put on a financial diet!

Just as the New Year begins, the full Moon on 5th January in Gemini is a time for you to reflect, look at the bigger picture and, for some of you, this is a time to work out a strategic plan for your own business, ready to launch come March time! Libras are ready for more diversity, perhaps freedom and independence but certainly more meaning at work.

In Vedic astrology, this full Moon is in the nakshatra of Purnavasu, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. This is the nakshatra of the excellent, the good and the ‘blessed’ and the bright one. With Jupiter being the ruler of this nakshatra, it indicates wealth, goods, riches and property; it is ruled by the god of capital wealth or the god of life. It gives the ability to ‘create’ - in form and in structure – hinting at success in everything they undertaken now. This is the nakshatra of the natural educator with a love for world travel and a pronounced interest in religious belief systems, ritual traditions with a love for children. For you, again, this means that it’s the perfect time to either launch a new business or at least become clear about what it is you want to get off the ground by yourself or as a little sideline next to your full-time job. Some may even reduce the hours you work in your full-time employment, and while this also means less money, at least for a while, it’s an opportunity to really do something fulfilling with your time.

With Mercury in the sign of Capricorn, you’ll also have a very clear idea and ability to express your thoughts and plan ahead – although not an overly emotional placement, at least, you’ll be able to reason rationally. Mercury then goes retrograde on 21st January and until 12th February 2015. The consequences or hiccups of this retrograde period can be felt until 4th March 2015 – after this time, things to do with house and home as well as your plans and visions around that are not so much subject to delays and frustration anymore. The new Moon on 20th January in Capricorn again highlights your home zone. Even though it’s a new beginning here, it’s not a time to start implementing plans with Jupiter and Mercury in retrograde motion but it’s a good time to review, re-think and to start planning and putting your thoughts on paper.

Last but not least, for some Libras, romance and fun is what you’re after as the New Year begins. Some of you might strike lucky and especially the end of January could be the beginning of very romantic period for you – if you are willing to look at the other person with a good deal of sobriety and not just wishful thinking. Have a great month, Libra!

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