January 2015 horoscope - Sagittarius

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the January 2015 horoscope for birthdays from 16th December to 14th January or Sagittarius Ascendants and Moons
Sag, if there is one word to describe what’s going on in your life at the moment, it’s transformation. Not only do you have Pluto, the lord of the underworld, death, rebirth and transformation in your sign, your own ruler, Jupiter is in the area of your chart ruled by Pluto. So, there is a kind of a mutual exchange happening, which is a bit of a double-whammy. You already know by now what this is all about by now – some has to do with yourself, your personality, the way you think, your outlook on life and how others perceive you to be. This is an ongoing process that was perhaps magnified even more over the past two months. Now, despite it being your birthday season, this somewhat heavy atmosphere overshadows or accompanies what is going on in January.

For example, the full Moon on 5th January in Gemini is a time for you to reflect on partnerships, marriage and shared resources. It’s an intense full Moon with Pluto in opposition, so things could come to a head. Think about what began in July 2013 around your partnerships – at the time a big growth area for you. Something is coming to an end and you’ll be able to settle something. Just watch you don’t go overboard with it as agreements related to business or partnerships may undergo sudden changes.

In Vedic astrology, this full Moon is in the nakshatra of Purnavasu, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. This is the nakshatra of the excellent, the good and the ‘blessed’ and the bright one. With Jupiter being the ruler of this nakshatra, it indicates wealth, goods, riches and property; it is ruled by the god of capital wealth or the god of life. It gives the ability to ‘create’ - in form and in structure – hinting at success in everything they undertaken now. This is the nakshatra of that of the natural educator with a love for world travel and a pronounced interest in religious belief systems, ritual traditions with a love for children. For you, this means that creating and expanding has all to do with your one-on-one relations, for good but also for bad.

But with Mercury in the sign of Capricorn, you’ll have a very clear idea and ability to express your thoughts – although not an overly emotional placement, at least, you’ll be able to reason rationally. A helpful placement when it comes to sifting through relationship matters and getting your joint finances on track. At least until 21st January. Mercury then goes retrograde on this day and until 12th February 2015. The consequences or hiccups of this retrograde period can be felt until 4th March 2015 – after this time, things to do with finances, relationships but in particular your work and life direction begin to start moving forward again. In the meantime, you may have to review certain aspects at work, a pay check is being delayed, an agreement is not being signed for some reason or you’ll have to pay up.

The new Moon on 20th January in Capricorn again highlights your finances but now is the time to start thinking about tightening the belt. It’s not a time to start initiating but to take stock, evaluate and work out a plan of how to boost your bank balance. But by the end of the month, you’ll be able to pour all your energy into getting something worthwhile off the ground that perhaps enables you to establish another little source of income. Have a great month, Sag!

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