January 2014 horoscope - Aries

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the January 2015 horoscope for birthdays from 14th April to 15th May or Aries Ascendants or Moons
Aries, as so often at the turn of the year, the focus for you is on career, goals, your hopes and your dreams and your vision for the future. But this year with an added touch of attention from Jupiter, the planet of expansion, from your home zone. The message here is that whatever happens at work, in your public life and around your public image comes from and is tightly connected with what is happening at home. You could be changing jobs and therefore move home or even country, you could set up a home office or change careers to something more exciting and fulfilling such as teaching and mentoring. In any case, money doesn’t look bad and some Aries may even be in for a bonus, an inheritance or a tax refund. Just as well as Saturn is putting some pressure on your finances.

But regardless of what happens at work, this is a month, you are intent on making your dreams come true - financially and romantically. On top of that, it’s a fairly social month where you catch up with friends and hone those kinds of relationships which may have had to take a backseat more recently. For those Aries looking for love, the first month of the New Year could be one where you meet someone, who, over time becomes a companion you can’t be without anymore.

The full Moon on 5th January in Gemini is a time for you to focus on new training, new learning, short-distance and every day travel as well as planning your summer holidays – Aries like to get in there first and well in advance of the majority. Some Aries may be battling it out with their neighbours or younger siblings but rest assured that this seems to be (almost) the last piece of the puzzle – think about what went on in July 2013 and you’ll get the idea. Equally, if it’s a legal situation, such as a divorce, you’re dealing with, again, you may not see the end of the whole story just yet but you’ll reach the next stage.

This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Purnavasu, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. This is the nakshatra of the excellent, the good and the ‘blessed’ and the bright one. With Jupiter being the ruler of this nakshatra, it indicates wealth, goods, riches and property; it is ruled by the god of capital wealth or the god of life. It gives the ability to ‘create’ - in form and in structure – hinting at success in everything they undertaken now. This is the nakshatra of the natural educator with a love for world travel and a pronounced interest in religious belief systems, ritual traditions with a love for children. For you, this means that there is a silver lining if you are facing legal issues, if you are struggling to submit your research project in time or if exam preparations are taking their toll on you. Equally, your home zone is highlighted this month and during this full Moon, so again, if you are dealing with neighbourly disputes, a peaceful solution may be in sight – hopefully.

With Mercury in the sign of Capricorn, you’ll also have a very clear idea and ability to express your thoughts – although not an overly emotional placement, at least, you’ll be able to reason rationally. At least until 21st January, this is a nice placement if you wanted to discuss aspects of your career. Mercury then goes retrograde on 21st January and until 12th February 2015. The consequences or hiccups of this retrograde period can be felt until 4th March 2015 – in the meantime, it’s a up to you and your boss to review your performance and discuss plans and performance objectives for the coming year. The new Moon on 20th January in Capricorn again highlights your career zone but now it’s a new beginning. It’s not a time to start implementing new ideas with Jupiter and Mercury in retrograde motion but it’s a time to think about how you can work more flexibly, set up your home office and ensure you take your opportunity to get the praise you deserve. Have a a great month, Aries!

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