Annual solar horoscope 2013 / 2014 - Taurus

May 2013 - May 2014

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th May to 15th June of Taurus Ascendants and Moons

By Louise Gilbert
Happy birthday Taurus! Over the past year, you may have often read about Jupiter’s seemingly beneficial influence on your sign and much of it may have been the case. However, I suspect that for many of you, Jupiter sojourn in your sign has also caused some upheavals and has thrown you into a deep cycle of personal transformation resulting in you redefining who you are and how others see you. At the same time, your circle of friends may have changed and expanded and new work contacts could have introduced you to new job opportunities and the chance to increase your profits.

Your solar year begins with you ending this process of transformation and fostering those relationships and friendships you’ve established over this past year – many of them perhaps from abroad.

At the end of May, Jupiter, the planet that rules your money houses moves into your 2nd house of income and for you, this should be a much better placement. You’re back in your element and doing what you feel most comfortable doing – which is making money. While Neptune’s long transit across your 10th house of career and life direction may at times have felt as though you are losing the ground underneath your feet, Neptune will now help you turn your newly discovered creative skills into money-making ideas. The new Moon in Gemini on 8th July 2013 will be one of the best times of the year to launch your new plans or ask for a rise. This new Moon is in your house of the money you earn based on your own skills – so it is up to you to make the best out of it. July generally is a good month for work and career with the beautiful air trine across your 2nd, 6th and 10th houses which are related to your profession, your place of work and how much ends up in your bank account. The trine in air ensure that plenty of ideas are floating around which provide you with the plenty of vision – your Taurean nature will do the rest to turn them into reality.

For those Taureans who, over the past year(s) underwent a divorce or a break-up of a significant relationship, the coming 12 month could see you either tie the knot again or enter into a new, important relationship – and fairly quickly.

Underneath all this, all of us are dealing with the ongoing Pluto / Uranus square that will be more or less exact over the summer. Pluto in your 8th house makes you face your deepest fears and Uranus in the 11th house can suddenly shift the goal post when it comes to you defining your hopes and wishes. Over this time period, you may be especially interested in therapy methods such as hypnosis, healing, occult sciences to understand yourself and your motivations much better. Intimacy also comes into play as you crave deep, passionate, and intense connections with others. This can bring themes of control and jealousy to the surface which you’ll then have to deal with – at their worst resulting in some sort of a crisis and trauma. What’s important to remember here is that the emphasis is on healing throughout this transit.

Then, Saturn continues his journey through your 6th house of work and health. Over the past year, you may have already felt that work and even colleagues are just a little difficult and a little annoying as you’ve been your productive little self but no one seems to recognise this! Unfortunately, as Saturn transits through this house, is just is important to hear the call and serve a cause and you’ll may find comfort in the fact that your personal difficulties pale in comparison to the sorrows of the masses.

Throughout this time, it may be that you have to deal with conflict at work or find yourself in difficult situations that place high demands or responsibility on you. There may be a number of battles to be fought at work as Saturn goes through your 6th house! The conflicts may be interpersonal, intercultural, or international. As always with Saturn, results are felt slowly, over time and in the meantime you will have to watch your health as all that and responsibility, too much imbalance, too little praise at work can get to you easily now.

Although it is not to say you will not have a relationship, of course the opportunity is there, it is not a key focus for you over these next 12 months as you continue to build on your career success thus far, ensuring you add to that nice little (or actually quite big) bank balance of yours. Towards the end of the year, it’s time to forget about work for a while, enjoy the Christmas spirit and start mingling with some handsome strangers. The full Moon on 17th November in your sign is your annual renewal of faith in existing relationships which gives you a sense of security.

At the same time, this full Moon could be connected to you deciding make changes at home and where you put up roots. If this is the case, then you may end your solar year in May 2014 in a completely different place, surrounded by completely different people and even in a new relationship. If you do, it may turn out to be a relationship unlike any further down the line as you prepare for Saturn’s arrival in your opposite sign later on in the year.

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