June 2013 horoscope - Aquarius

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the June 2013 astrology forecast for birthdays from 13th February to 14th March or Aquarius Ascendants and Moons

By Louise Gilbert
Aquarius, you may have had a fairly fruitful year behind you with lots of activity going on at home – perhaps a move was on the cards which felt like a fresh start and renewed your optimism. But at times, this may have also felt a little confusing as practical decision making these days is proofing to be a little challenging for you, an otherwise so straight forward and rational sign. This is simply because, at the moment, you are a little more impressionable at times with high ideals and dreams for the future. Although this is just to make you more receptive and even creative, remember to keep your eyes and ears open and make sure you don’t fail to see some of the basic flaws and problems of a situation or even person.

The big news is that Jupiter is now moving into your in 5th house of fun, romance and children. Over the next 12 months and particularly in June your artistic creativity is highlighted and if you are single, you may meet your life partner in an entertainment setting, such as at the theatre or wherever you have fun.  If you are a creative person, then you also stand a good chance to make money from your original ideas and generally the way you present yourself. You enjoy spending time in the limelight over this period and in particular in June, so enjoy it but be careful not to turn into a drama queen!

For those who are single, then a romance with someone who has similar values when it comes to finances, traditions and how to raise a family are well starred. You’re in the mood to flirt this month Aquarius and it may be that through one of your high-powered acquaintances or by joining a sports club that you meet someone to enjoy the summer months with. If you have children, then they may require some more of your attention now and your own goals you want to work towards may have to take a backseat for the time being.

Despite the ongoing Pluto / Uranus square which still affects your houses of gains and income, the grand air trine formed by Neptune, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon this month is a beautiful and welcome respite for many of us. Our ideals are high this month and our ideas far reaching. Just as the summer begins in the Northern hemisphere, we are ready to socialise and interact with others more than usual. From the interaction with others, new ideas and concepts are formed, new associations developed, new facts picked up and experiences made. For you, Aquarius, this trine has something of an uplifting quality to it. It hits your trine houses – the 1st, 5th and 9th houses – and this almost feels like a kite that lifts you up to view life with a bird’s eye view, from above and without focusing too much on the details. You are an air sign, so this intellectual, airy, easy-flowing and more rational feel to this time period should help you perhaps clear your head and stay focused. The new Moon in Taurus on 8th June is a good time to start looking at things from a different perspective – in the form of a new course, perhaps you have been are thinking about travelling, writing or publishing. Anything that opens your mind and broadens your horizons now is a welcome change and something that in the years to come, you may integrate into your day to day activities.

The full Moon on 23rd June in Sagittarius puts the spotlight on friends and socialising. As the month goes by and you feel this surge of energy and even optimism rush through you, you should end the month on a high. This is a nice full Moon that receives a lot of stabilising support from Saturn and a good dose of optimism from Jupiter. Full Moons are about closure and a conclusion, so whatever began towards the end of December 2011 is falling into place. So whether this is a long-term work project, you expanding your client base or you quite simply working towards a promotion and a bonus, this full Moon could see you reach your goal.

Have a high-spirited month, Aquarius!

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