May 2013 horoscope - Leo

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th August to 15th September or Leo Ascendants and Moons

By Louise Gilbert

Leo, this time of the year is always a bit like a spring awakening and this time around, you may be feeling a particular urge to start afresh, to be optimistic to look into the future and to broaden your horizons. You may be planning a long-haul trip to a place you always wanted to go and visit – basically, you’re up for an adventure. Alternatively, you may feel you’re being drawn back to school, keen to learn something new that stretches your understanding of the world, religion, spirituality, and at the same time strengthens your belief. This is a good time to sign up for a course that furthers your skills. The only thing holding you back at the moment is the fact that you may be a little bit caught up in your own mind. Saturn is going through your 3rd house of the ideas, skills, mind and communication and is opposing the stellium in your expansive 9th house, so you may feel as though you don’t have the right tools or head space to take on and consider new thoughts and perspectives. However, in May 2013, you have the chance to move away from any self-imposed narrow-mindedness you may have experienced in the past months –as these are not typically a Leo traits. At the same, this certain rigidity in the way you think can now also help you with work projects that require a lot of concentrated thinking and a careful approach. In particular with Saturn being retrograde, you may have to go over old details again and again.

Saturn also looks after your relationships, so you may spend a lot of time thinking about your relationships and even embark on some online dating during this time – especially as the eclipses hit your communication axis together with Saturn who rules your committed partnerships.

So, the first week in May with the stellium in Aries promises a lot of quick action and reaction, determination and hopefully progress in the area to do with teaching, learning, publishing and mentoring. Although there may still be some obstacles and some pushing and pulling in this area – is you are in publishing, your editor wants you to go over a paragraph for the 10th time, if you are writing a dissertation, your prof may want you to expand on a certain point and if you are about to go on a trip then it turns out that your car needs to have some work done after the MOT! So, there may still be some delay and sorting out some details but all of this is leading up to a quite nice solar eclipse in Aries this month which in addition to another lunar eclipse on 25th May, takes place on 10th May. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon stands between the Sun and Earth. This means that a solar eclipse is always a new Moon, marking new beginnings. However, a new Moon also cuts off the light of the Sun, so whatever is beginning now, may not carry all the details that you need to make informed decisions and really understand what it is that is coming into your life now. As with the lunar eclipse, solar eclipses bring in life’s big events – a marriage or divorce, birth or pregnancy, a house sale or purchase or an important trip. Whatever it is, things are progressing swiftly now and the planets are intent on pushing you towards your next step. Although this also means that something has to end before something new can come in, the emphasis really is more on the beginning than the finish – you’ve done that with the lunar eclipse at the end of April. Whatever is beginning now could be phased in over a period of months and you should expect to reap the rewards of the seeds sown around the time of the next lunar eclipse in October and until February 2014 when you will reach another milestone. This is the time for you to kick start and initiate plans around travelling, learning and making new experiences.

This solar eclipse is in the nakshatra of Bharani, ruled by the Venus, which will be transiting through her own sign of Taurus. The nakshatra of Bharani has an understanding and a sixth sense for the acquisition of accrued wealth but this nakshatra also represents the person who ‘carries and bears’ and highlights the consequences of our actions. For you this may mean that although new opportunities around learning and teaching appear, it could at the same time result in more responsibility for you or the consequences of decisions in these areas made now run deeper.

We have an unusually large cluster of planets travelling together these days and in May, one by one, The Sun, Mercury and Venus move on to join Jupiter in your house of career and profession. After approximately the 10th May, it’s all about career and vocation for you. What is it you truly want and which of the opportunities Jupiter’s arrival in your 10th house has given you are the ones to seriously consider now and commit to them? Are you really happy to stay in your 9-5 job or are you ready to go it alone? Perhaps your children’s demands and your partner’s health and / or financial situation meant that moving forward with your dreams had to be put somewhat on hold as you dedicated time to their needs? Well, in May 2013, it’s about where you are headed and about your life direction. For most of the month, Mars is in his own sign and so is Venus, a combination that means you have the ‘get up, go and get it’, the broad view as well as the ‘luck’ to attract what you want into our lives. So, for you this relates to your job and career. If you have been actively looking for another job - perhaps to bring a little more stability back into your finances -, May looks like a promising month. If you are in discussions with a potential employer, the time around the lunar eclipse on 25th May will be an opportunity for you to make a decision and accept an offer as all the cards are on the table. Usually, May always brings some focus on career and job for you, this year, however, it’s with a double dose due to Jupiter expansive influence over this area in your chart and the lunar eclipse at the end of May 2013. So, not only do these transits refer to better job prospects if you are looking, as a Leo, you prefer to be in the driving seat so a promotion in an existing job could be part of the picture. Neptune’s dreamy influence on your house of one-to-ones also opened you up for more romance and creativity but if the dreamy feeling and overly romantic perspective threatens to overtake, your point of view can easily become unrealistic and even delusional. This means that if you are about to go into business with someone else, keep your eyes and ears open and if necessary bring in the help of a neutral, third-party. More money is coming your way over the course of the next 12 month, be sure to invest it in the right venture and people from the start!

Have a personal peak this month, Leo! 

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