May 2013 horoscope - Virgo

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th September to 15th October or Virgo Ascendants and Moons

By Louise Gilbert
Virgo, for you as well as your opposite sign of Pisces, it’s all about the money at the moment but where you may feel more restricted in what you can achieve based on your own income, you may have more luck when it comes to other people’s money compared to your fellow mutable sign. The main focus in your chart is on this area at the moment as you may be applying for loans to set up home, fund a further education course or even go on a big trip. For me, this is where you seem to want to spend your money on and April 2013 may have been one of the more intense months of the year for you so far with the first of the eclipses affecting your finances and with the ongoing square between Pluto and Uranus being exact at the end of April. Around the time of the lunar eclipse in April, one door that, in the past, would have led you to a secure source of income may have dried up or you were declined the loan that you needed to move forward with your projects. The aftermath of these events may still be leaving you a little insecure and unsure of your next steps. So, it was a time of conclusions, something came to an end and brought things out in the open that you may have felt coming for some time – for some of you perhaps not entirely negative. This now means that although it is still a time of powerful change, transformation and a turning point for many Virgos, May 2013 should feel more like a month of new beginnings and progress rather than sudden developments that took you by surprise. 
Although there may still be some obstacles and some pushing and pulling where your finances are concerned – perhaps you are broadening your scope to apply for funds elsewhere or a relative or your partners step up to lend a hand and you are now discussing the finer details. In any case, for the first week in May, the stellium in Aries promises a lot of quick action and reaction, determination and hopefully progress in this area. You now know what needs to be done and you are taking action to get it sorted. 

All of this is leading up to the solar eclipse this month which in addition to another lunar eclipse on 25th May, takes place on 10th May. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon stands between the Sun and Earth. This means that a solar eclipse is always a new Moon, marking new beginnings. However, a new Moon also cuts off the light of the Sun, so whatever is beginning now, may not carry all the details that you need to make informed decisions and really understand what it is that is coming into your life now. As with the lunar eclipse, solar eclipses bring in life’s big events – a marriage or divorce, birth or pregnancy, a house sale or purchase or an important trip. Whatever it is, things are progressing swiftly now and the planets are intent on pushing you towards your next step. The emphasis really is more on the beginning than the finish – you’ve done that with the lunar eclipse at the end of April. Whatever is beginning now could be phased in over a period of months and you should expect to reap the rewards of the seeds sown around the time of the next lunar eclipse in October and until February 2014 when you will reach another milestone. So, although Saturn’s arrival in your house of income last year would have been an unwelcome change of pace, coupled with the eclipses, your financial situation should be more solid than it was ever before this time next year. April and May 2013 are peak times for you to take a look at what you need, what you have and where you need to make adjustments. 
In terms of vedic astrology, this solar eclipse is in the nakshatra of Bharani, ruled by the Venus, which will be transiting through her own sign of Taurus. The nakshatra of Bharani has an understanding and a sixth sense for the acquisition of accrued wealth but this nakshatra also represents the person who ‘carries and bears’. So, you may well be in a stronger position financially or at least you are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel as you’ve worked on your strategy – perhaps with your partner – at the same time, you may end up with a little more responsibility than before. But that’s fine, after all, the prodding and poking is meant to help get your finances on a better footing. 
As the month progresses, The Sun, Mercury, Venus move on and join Jupiter in Taurus in your house of further education, travel, teaching, mentoring and wisdom. This is a good placement for you, as it increases your optimism and helps you look at the bigger picture again after what may have been a bit of a stressful and slightly irritating few weeks for you. Venus, the ruler of your money house, in her own sign of Taurus could lift your spirits, while your own ruler, Mercury, joins Jupiter who, in your chart, looks after your most committed relationships. This should really be a beautiful time and coupled with the lunar eclipse on 25th May in the sign of Taurus. On the one hand, you could now complete a work project, you may be sealing a deal or passing your driving license if that what you are currently working on. You could set off on a trip around the world or launch a venture that once started as some bright idea. On the other hand, if you are single, you could now meet someone, perhaps someone from abroad or with connections abroad and make a significant commitment to that person. It seems as though this could also be someone who is a bit of a mentor to you and a bit of an opposite to you, someone who is able to demonstrate to you that looking at things with a bird’s eye view is sometimes more satisfying than getting even the smallest of details right – all the time. 
Have an horizon-expanding month, Virgo! 

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