May 2013 horoscope - Libra

I follow the Vedic calendar; this is the monthly horoscope for birthdays from 16th October to 15th November or Libra Moons and Ascendants

By Louise Gilbert
You are in the midst of restructuring your life and the past few months may have been quite intense as you filter through the drawers, the attic and the cellar to make room for what’s to come. In particular, those Libras born at the end of October or those with their Ascendant and Moon at around 13 degrees of Libra (plus Minus 3 degrees) are feeling the current Saturn transit the most. Saturn is hard work and it may not feel as though you are being given the chance to move on and get rid of some old baggage as, at the moment, it will feel more like you are burdened with even more responsibilities. However, during these times, it’s important to realise that the longer you hold on to outdated ideas, situations and even people that once were steady companions, the longer you feel that you are getting nowhere and the goals and objectives you are trying to reach based on the bare bones of your new life are moving further and further out of your sight.

With all the focus on your evolving self, relationships you have recently initiated may have fallen on the wayside or existing ones have faced some unprecedented or may be not so unexpected hurdles as April 2013 was one of the more intense months of the year so far with the first of the eclipses affecting your area of self and how and what kind of relationships fit into your new outlook and circumstances. In addition, the ongoing square between Pluto and Uranus is still close and was exact at the end of April are pulling the strings when it comes to your day to day work and employment as well as your mental flexibility and capacity. Pluto in your third house of the mind and Saturn over your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is no mean feat as you are now thinking more profoundly and with more penetration about everything than you did before, questioning things you once took for granted. From around mid-May, this may be even more pronounced as planet are gathering in an area of your chart to do with the breadth and depth of the human mind and soul, the psyche and psychology, transformation and, at the end, rebirth. So, all in all, this is still a time of powerful change, transformation and a turning point for many Libra Sun, Moons and Ascendants. But as opposed to sudden developments that took you by surprise in late April in particular around relationships, May should feel more like a month of new beginnings and progress. If your Moon is in Libra, you’ll be particularly glad to hear this as April could have been the peak of an already emotionally quite challenging time.

For the first week in May, the stellium in Aries promises a lot of quick action and reaction, focus, determination and hopefully progress where partnerships are concerned. Although there may still be some obstacles and some pushing and pulling in this area, the upcoming solar eclipse on 10th May in your opposite sign of Aries promises a new beginning in this area. If you are single, then this new Moon should give you new hope and perhaps someone enters your life who will become a constant fixture in your life over the next few months. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon stands between the Sun and Earth and is always a new Moon. However, a new Moon also cuts off the light of the Sun, so whatever is beginning now, may not carry all the details that you need to make informed decisions and really understand what it is that is coming into your life now. As with the lunar eclipse, solar eclipses bring in life’s big events – a marriage or divorce, birth or pregnancy, a house sale or purchase or an important trip. Whatever it is, things are progressing swiftly now and the planets are intent on pushing you towards your next step. Although this also means that something has to end before something new can come in, the emphasis really is more on the beginning than the finish – you’ve done that with the lunar eclipse at the end of April. Whatever is beginning now could be phased in over a period of months and you should expect to reap the rewards of the seeds sown around the time of the next lunar eclipse in October and until February 2014 when you will reach another milestone. So, if events throughout the month of April shot ripples through existing relationships, ending what no longer is meant to be in your life moving forward, then this solar eclipse can sweep in a new partnership or someone who makes you realise that life goes on.

In vedic astrology, this solar eclipse is in the nakshatra of Bharani, ruled by the Venus, which will be transiting through her own sign of Taurus. The nakshatra of Bharani has an understanding and a sixth sense for the acquisition of accrued wealth but this nakshatra also represents the person who ‘carries and bears’. For you this may mean that although new opportunities around relationships appear, it could at the same time result in more responsibility…but for you, it’s all about commitment these days anyway. Take it as an opportunity to understand what commitment to yourself and others means.

While this primarily concerns relationships, the solar eclipse can also have an impact on your job if your Sun is in Libra at around 13 degrees or those born at the end of October. The solar eclipse opposite your Sun, which represents authority figures, your father and your profession, can open up new professional directions for you as new responsibilities or projects land on your desk. You could play a starring role now in and for your team.

And then the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all moving through the same house and an area in your chart which has to do with secret money, inheritance and generally speaking other people’s resources. This area in your chart was already ‘blessed’ with Jupiter’s presence for the past year and could have helped increase your bank balance or at the very least access to funds. For a good part of May 2013, the emphasis on the activities is still on the increase as you may be applying for a loan, sorting through your taxes or dealing with inheritance issues or paperwork. In all likelihood, whatever began back in November 2011 is coming to a conclusion now around 25th May as the lunar eclipse puts the spotlight on your own source of income versus the money you get from other people. This is also the area that rules money (and losses!) from marriage as well as lawsuits – with Venus your ruler in her own sign, it looks like after all, the outcome is a favourable one for you if a court case has been on the agenda for you or you had to bring in solicitors to sort out joint finances.

May ends with a whole new phase for all of us as Jupiter shifts into the sign of Gemini and with it, some of your optimism, sense of adventure and broader way of thinking returns…more on that next month!

Have an optimistic month, Libra! 

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