May 2013 horoscope - Scorpio

I follow the sidereal/vedic calendar; this is the May 2013 horoscope for birthdays from 16th November to 15th December or Scorpio Ascendants and Moons 

By Louise Gilbert
Overworked and underpaid? The stellium in zodiac sign of Aries continues to put a heavy workload on your shoulders until about mid-month and it’s time to keep your head down and work through those assignments that land on your desk. Although the area in your chart has to do with your day-today job and routines and less so with your actual career, the Sun travels alongside Mars, Venus and Mercury for a little while in early May, so it’s still a chance to shine for you and attract the attention of the powers that be. Whatever it is that lands on your desk now and whenever Aries is involved, things can progress with the speed of light. Aries is also the sign that likes to go it alone, so if you are thinking of setting up shop on your own, now seems to be a good time to start making that first step. A lot is brewing underneath your surface at the moment and with the eclipses highlighting this area in your chart in particular at this month, this could be a realistic possibility.

Of course these sentiments or developments are nothing new to you as April 2013 was already one of the more intense months of the year so far with the first of the eclipses affecting this area in your life and with the ongoing square between Pluto and Uranus being exact at the end of April. For you Scorpio, this means that whatever has suddenly changed at work – perhaps a colleague has left, you’ve got a new boss, a new office location or as I said, new projects to work on or ongoing ones to bring to completion – is still taking place and being progressed in May.

Although the Pluto / Uranus square is now waning slightly as Pluto is going retrograde until 20th September, it is still a time of powerful change, transformation and a turning point for many Scorpios. However, it should feel more like a month of new beginnings and progress rather than sudden developments that took you by surprise. But whatever it is, you are very efficient at the moment and you now know what needs to be done. 

However, with so much going on at work, your energy levels may be lower than usual. One of the downsides of such a heavy focus on your 6th house of health and fitness is that you may feel a little drained as you are asked to ‘give away’ much of your focus and attention to other people (and pets?!). Added to that is the fact that Saturn is in opposition to the stellium in Aries in an area of your chart that rules the whole process of letting go. Never ever easy for a true Scorpio but you are stepping into a new 29 year cycle over the next 1 ½ years and some internal cleansing needs to be done before you’re ready for that. This is not done over night and takes some reviewing and painful realisations which, of course, again, require that you focus some of your precious energy on that process. In particular if your Moon is in Scorpio, this is not the easiest of time. Meditate, pray, do some yoga or go for a swim to calm your mind. 

After the lunar eclipse in April, May 2013 brings with it two further eclipses and the first one takes place on 10th May. This is a solar eclipse which occurs when the Moon stands between the Sun and Earth. This means that a solar eclipse is always a new Moon, marking new beginnings. However, a new Moon also cuts off the light of the Sun, so whatever is beginning now, may not carry all the details that you need to make informed decisions and really understand what it is that is coming into your life now. As with the lunar eclipse, solar eclipses bring in life’s big events – a marriage or divorce, birth or pregnancy, a house sale or purchase or an important trip. Whatever it is, things are progressing swiftly now and the planets are intent on pushing you towards your next step. Although this also means that something has to end before something new can come in, the emphasis really is more on the beginning than the finish – you’ve done that with the lunar eclipse at the end of April. Whatever is beginning now could be phased in over a period of months and you should expect to reap the rewards of the seeds sown around the time of the next lunar eclipse in October and until February 2014 when you will reach another milestone. For you, again, opportunities and new situations at work are coming your way as well as a focus on your current health and fitness routine. 

This solar eclipse is in the nakshatra of Bharani, ruled by the Venus which, at this time, will be transiting through her own sign of Taurus. The nakshatra of Bharani has an understanding and a sixth sense for the acquisition of accrued wealth but this nakshatra also represents the person who ‘carries and bears’. For you this may mean that although new opportunities around work appear, it could at the same time result in a lot more responsibility.

Now, the 6th house also rules conflict and arguments. Saturn and the North node on one end and the South node, Mars, Venus, Moon and the Sun at the other end, forming oppositions, relationships are highlighted. Whenever there is an opposition, other people are involved and whenever the Moon is involved things get personal and emotional. You may have been quite optimistic and expansive mood when it comes to relationships over the past year but if this has caused you feeling that your existing relationship is not enough for you anymore and the cracks started to show, then the current transits coupled with the eclipses may be the beginning of the end. If not then, at the very least the flood lights may be on a certain loss of balance when it comes to your partnerships at the moment, both professional and personal. Easily done with so much going on at work but just watch out for that. 

Then, the Sun, Mercury, Venus join Jupiter in your house of committed relationships and this should really be a beautiful time that makes what you’ve work on up to this point in May ‘more solid’. It’s a major time of commitment and decisions for many Scorpios as you decide whether to go ahead with an existing relationship or, if the emerging cracks are becoming too big to mend, you decide to go separate ways.

With the lunar eclipse on 25th May, there won’t be any turning back for you and as a Scorpio, once you’ve made up your mind, you don’t really change it anymore, in particular with so much focus on the fixed signs. The end of May highlights a change in your relationship status for better or for worse and if things have been going swimmingly, you might be in for a much more pleasant surprise and you can finally send those wedding invites off to the designers! If this is the case, then Jupiter’s move into your 8th house of other people’s finances right at the end of May may be a welcome sign as additional financial means may be required to pay for the big day…more on that in the June forecasts! 

Have a peaceful month, Scorpio!

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