Annual solar horoscope 2014 / 2015 - Taurus

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the annual horoscope for birthdays from 16th May to 15th June of Taurus Ascendants and Moons

Happy birthday Taurus! Shortly after your birthday month, the heavy focus on your finances begins to shift, which is always a welcome bit of news for a Taurus. You will have had ample opportunity to make a bit of money over the last year but this also brought with it many adjustments and overcoming certain challenges such as unpredictable cash flow, your or others’ shifting goal posts and a number of sudden turnarounds. Equally, partnerships, children and family planning were subject to certain unforeseen obstacles. Over the coming two months, as Mars goes direct and Jupiter and Rahu change signs, much in your life will shift. 
Jupiter moves into your 3rd house of siblings, community, sales, meetings, deals, ideas, innovation and your own efforts. If you are self-employed, you can grow your team, extend your channels of communication and implement a hot new marketing strategy; you can expand your contribution to the organisation you work for or the community you live in. You are more optimistic than you have been in a long time, so this is great for being the one who motivates others. As a typical Taurus, you have a lot of patience and with Jupiter helping you along, you turn into a great teacher, trainer and public speaker. But over the next year, you will also learn something new, even if it’s just how to communicate more effectively. This will especially benefit your relationships with your partner, potential romantic partners as well as business associates. If you are single, then Jupiter moving into the sign of Cancer is welcome change – Jupiter expands whatever he touches, so with his aspect onto the area of your chart to do with committed relationships, a new wave of optimism and opportunity sweeps into this part of your life. Especially the time from October to the end of the year bring plenty of opportunity for new romance. 
Romance and children will be a particular area of focus for Taureans come July with Rahu or the North node changing signs, moving into your 5th house of (pro-) creativity. This means that for the next 18 months, your main focus, desires and attention will be placed on romance, children and your own self-expression. This is also an area in your chart that gives clues about the ‘gains’ from a marriage or your partners’ hopes, dreams and – again, music to a Taurean ear – bonuses and profits. Especially the time around the end of September with the solar eclipse and October 2014 with the lunar eclipse are ‘hot’ times for anything to do with the areas mentioned above. If children are not part of what you wish for this year, then this time is also the beginning of a turning point in your relationships, what you expect from them and how you go about solving problems in relationships. 
For a number of years, you’ve tried to keep a relationship or your expectation of relationships alive as Saturn, the great taskmaster, travelled through your house of heath, work and ‘imbalance’. So your mind or your main area of growth was not relationships but now, as Saturn enters this sector in November 2014 and remains there until late in 2017 when he leaves for good (or another 29 years). Initially, this period will be one that feels like nothing is growing and nothing is moving forward anymore. Especially in the sign of Scorpio, Saturn can feel frustrated. Suddenly your relationship will seem more heavy going, your partner places more demands on you or you no longer gloss over the cracks in the partnership. You begin to realise what something in your union needs to change – something that has been the status quo for a long time. And of course the status quo is not transformed very easily, hence the long transit. Initially, the opposition you feel will seem frustrating but over time, you will begin to recognise the benefits of this transit – more clarity about your role in the partnership, more clarity about what it is that you want and less willingness to compromise on the things you shouldn’t compromise on. Yes, too often we are inclined to give up on something but what this transit does is make you realise that you either work on the relationship if you feel it’s worth saving or you move on and for the better. Now, if you are single, then this transit is actually great news, regardless of what anyone says. Yes, it will be painful and yes, there will be challenges but the most rewarding experiences in life are the ones that come after having put in the hard work and the patience necessary for something solid to grow. Here’s your chance Taurus – if you have been looking for someone special, then the next two to three years can turn out to be crucial in that respect. And don’t forget, until July 2015, you still have Jupiter supporting you in your endeavour to find a special someone…one that sticks.  

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