June 2014 horoscope - Cancer

I follow the Vedic calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th July to 15th August or Cancer Ascendants and Moons

Cancer, as the Sun travels through the sign before yours, as he does every year at this time, you wrap things up, you contemplate the achievements of the past 12 months and you think about the next 12 months ahead. This occurs every year and it is a time to mediate, withdraw and simply enjoy the sunshine. I have the image of you in a hammock, dangling your feet in the sun – that’s exactly what you should be doing now after a year of increasing self-awareness, you working behind the scenes on some project, educating yourself and learning to rely more on your intuition than you have done for a long time. Now, brace yourself Cancer, you’re hitting the big times!
Jupiter finally moves into your sign on 19th June and this is the best birthday present you could ask for. Jupiter feels extraordinarily comfortable in your sign and promises a year of abundance, optimism and expansion in the area in the chart it travels trough. Some of the keywords associated for you with this transit are transformation, transformation, transformation, abundance of luck and optimism, creativity, travel, wisdom and transformation! This is a year where you attract luck to you, simply due to your positive expectations that in the end, it’ll all work out the way you had hoped. You are exceptionally generous with those around you during this time which attracts people to you that are as buoyant as you are, as optimistic and uplifting. Needless to say that this can have a fabulous impact on your career and marriage prospects.

The first house is also the area of your chart that rules the body, so all the ease with which you travel through life’s continual ups and downs can make you a little lazy or easy-going let’s say, when it comes to exercise – so watch the weight. But those Cancerians who are planning to have children, should give it a go now!

In the meantime, Mercury is going retrograde from 7th until 30th June. This happens in the area of your chart to do with letting go, your dreams, your intuition and foreign countries. This means that you could be going back to a place you’ve visited in the past and where you feel you can relax best. Within the many layers of aspects and planetary placements, a distinct possibility is also that you will be travelling for work this month and / or revisit a business idea that you’ve had but which never quite got off the ground over the past seven or so months. In June you’ll discover a few more layers and bits of information that prove valuable before your big idea, project or plan is being unveiled for all the world to see over the summer months – or winter months for those in the Southern hemisphere.

The full Moon this month takes place on 12th June in Scorpio in your house of creativity, children, romance and fun. Sometimes it’s great how astrology works and how it all seems to match up. Whatever project you’ve been working on, whether it’s of the creative kind, for example, or whether you have been planning a pregnancy, this full Moon coincides with Jupiter’s arrival in your sign and highlights the end of a time of preparation and working behind the scenes and now shoves whatever it is you’ve been working on into the open for all to see and admire. Think about what began in mid-December 2012 and you’ll get the idea.

This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Jyestha and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Under the influence of Jyestha, we seek to be the best in whatever we do and we may well achieve this but mainly through our own efforts. This puts you at an advantage in whatever area the full Moon falls and hence, you can reap the rewards for your efforts. However, with the sign of Scorpio involved here others' jealously can be part of the picture with this placement. But as you wrap up the month, proud of your achievements, other people’s jealousies may just be a sweet reminder for yourself of how much you actually deserve what’s coming your way soon. 

Have a great month Cancer, it's the beginning of a summer full of shifts and change.

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