June 2014 horoscope - Taurus

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th May to 15th June of Taurus Ascendants and Moons

Taurus, the month begins with the Sun still in your sign, giving you a new lease of life, energy, attention and therefore a certain sense of security from feeling loved and wanted. During this time you’ll enjoy spending time at home, with your family and you tend to all sorts of matters around the house. Perhaps you’re getting it ready for a party or you’re preparing your garden for summer. You enjoy making your home the centre of your attention at the moment. And, surprisingly, you will do so with quite a bit of vigour! But this also means that you have a little downtime and a bit of time to think about the past year and what is coming your way in the next few months. Your ruler, Venus, is still in Aries, the sign before yours, so although a lot is happening around you and your home, you, yourself are at times in a place other than those around you – meaning that you day dream quite a bit. Well, it’s your way at the moment to regain some energy that those around you demand from you. Once Venus enters your sign on 19th June, you’ll be back in your element, hosting dinner parties, cooking for your family, beautifying yourself and most certainly going on a bit of a shopping spree.

Talking about spending money, Jupiter in your house of income and involved in the Grand Cross has been a contagious issue and not always easy to handle. Jupiter here has given you the opportunity to increase your bank account but may have also make you spend more than you had at your disposal or has made you overly confident of how much money you actually have at your disposal. For others, Jupiter as part of the heavy oppositions and squares, has caused some family dramas. So, this month, money matters are still on your mind and something you deal with but with an opportunity rather than an obstacle attached to it. Although Mercury is going retrograde from 7th until 30th June in your money house, it just means you simply discover another layer or a piece of information that was previously missing before you can cross the Ts and dot the Is on a contract, mortgage deal or insurance claim. Once the new Moon in Gemini on 27th June in your house of money, a new cycle is introduced that kicks-starts new developments to do with money primarily and contracts, deals, your own business perhaps as well as house and home secondarily.

However, the big news this month, and perhaps for some Taureans it’s a blessing, is that Jupiter changes signs on 19th June and moves into Cancer. Jupiter feels extraordinarily comfortable in this sign and promises a year of abundance, optimism and expansion in the area in the chart it travels trough. Some of the keywords associated for you with this transit are expanding communication channels, spending time with your siblings and with people in your community, your neighbours and people in your sports club, attending a (cooking) course, learning a new skill and making new friends along the way, new ways of making money. This is good news for those who, after a year of trying to get investors on board, are now ready to launch their own business and float their own idea.

So, money matters are one thing you are dealing with and relationships the other. Romance has been a frustrating thing over the past months with lovers keeping you at arms’ length or being preoccupied with other things. Now that the planet Mars is pressing ahead in the area of your chart to do with romance (and children) and the full Moon taking place in your opposite sign and your commitment sector, it’s full steam ahead. Some of you can fall in love head over heels, others see their partner for who they are and decide to move on or have an open chat with your partner. The singles amongst the Taureans are ready to open up, commit and change their attitude and how they go about meeting someone new. In any case, the spotlight is on relationships mid-month and think about what began in mid-December 2012 – something is being wrapped up and completed now. This is the last full Moon for another before Saturn moves into your relationship sector in November, forcing you to face issues head on, make a decision and commit, so you’ll do well to let go of what is not working now, even if it is just an attitude or expectation that has proven your downfall in the past. If not, Saturn will make it all the harder in a few months time.

This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Jyestha and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Under the influence of Jyestha, we seek to be the best in whatever we do and we may well achieve this but mainly through our own efforts. This puts you at an advantage in whatever area the full Moon falls and hence, you can reap the rewards for your efforts. However, with the sign of Scorpio involved here others' jealously can be part of the picture with this placement.

Have a great month Taurus, it's the beginning of a summer full of shifts and change.

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