June 2014 horoscope - Capricorn

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the Capricorn June 2014 horoscope for birthdays from 15th January to 12th February or Capricorn Ascendants and Moons

Capricorn, rarely can those born in one zodiac sign look forward to the changes and shifts coming up this summer as you can. With your ruler, Saturn, at the top of your chart together with Rahu/the North node, it has been a tumultuous time over these past two to three years, not to say life changing. The impact on your career, home life and relationships has been profound and you may feel a little bit spent these days. This is probably the case, especially now as Saturn begins to come out of he final retrograde phase in Libra before moving on into the sign of Scorpio in November. This final push brings with it the last bits of clarity, realisation and determination to press ahead and belief in your decisions around career, home life and your relationships. That's the present Saturn leaves when he moves on to the next sign - a renewed sense of understanding the environment, its expectations and your own desires in the area he just travelled through for two and a half years. But let's not dwell on that, the big new this month is that Jupiter changes signs and moves into the area in your chart to do with your committed relationships. You may not have felt the need to enter a relationship in the past years, they have been more challenging than you felt they should be or there was a lack of suitable partners - to sum it up, relationships have been a pain in the backside! Now that Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance changes signs on 19th June and stays there for a whole year, this is about to change. Jupiter feels extraordinarily comfortable in Cancer and promises a year of abundance, optimism and expansion when it comes to your relationships. Over the next months, you'll feel a shift in the air and the it's almost like the fun that being with someone else brings is back. This of course benefits existing relationships but also those Capricorns that are looking for love. Now, if you are in a business partnership, this transit will be great for coming to a mutually beneficial agreement, marketing your business to a world wide audience and of course for turning this into a handsome little cash cow. 
The full Moon, which takes place on 12th June in Scorpio in your house of wishes, hopes and dreams, is a very timely one for your relationships. Think about what began in mid-December 2012 - a new friendship that began and someone who entered your life, a wish that started to unfold, a long-term business project you started working on. This is now being wrapped and completed, even if it's just a thought process. In case, this will be a lively week with friends and acquaintances around you, perhaps a celebration. Needless to say that for single Capricorns, this can be a great time to mingle and flirt. For most of June, you'll be in the mood to do exactly that. This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Jyestha and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Under the influence of Jyestha, we seek to be the best in whatever we do and we may well achieve this but mainly through our own efforts. This puts you at an advantage in whatever area the full Moon falls and hence, you can reap the rewards for your efforts. However, with the sign of Scorpio involved here others' jealously can be part of the picture with this placement.
In the meantime, Mercury is going retrograde from 7th until 30th June. This happens in the area of your chart to do with health, fitness, nutrition but also imbalances of any sort and those petty little arguments. Although with Mercury retrograde, there is always the chance of misunderstandings but I'm not convinced that this is entirely the case now. Mercury is in it's own sign of Gemini, Mars is pressing ahead full speed after a period that felt slow, frustrating and endless. Plus, the new Moon in the same area, initiating conversations about relationships, joint resources and the deeper levels of your union and where it's headed prevents stand still. You just may have to repeat yourself a number of times! Have a great month, it's the beginning of a summer full of shifts and change. 
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