June 2014 horoscope - Scorpio

I follow the sidereal/Vedic calendar; this is the June 2014 horoscope for birthdays from 16th November to 15th December or Scorpio Ascendants and Moons

Scorpio, this month is very much about relationships for you, first with the Sun finishing up his transit through your opposite sign of Taurus, then Venus entering Taurus on 18th of June bringing piece, harmony and sweetness into your partnerships. On top of that, the area of you chart to do with intimacy is accentuated by Jupiter and Mercury in this area. This means you are not only talking about your relationship but also how to distribute and utilise your resources. This includes talking to banks to get a mortgage, selling some shares and freeing up funds in some other way. Throughout this process you may also have to think further ahead and discuss inheritance, wills and where your assets eventually go. For some. This also means looking after their parents and helping them deal with their estate. This may not be news to you as you've had Jupiter in this area in your chart since last summer. Jupiter here has also made you think or become aware of the cycle of life and your deeper psychological workings.

The big news, however, this month is that Jupiter moves on to the next house and sign. Jupiter moves into the sign of Cancer on 19th June for one year where he feels extraordinarily comfortable and promises a time of abundance, optimism and expansion in the area in the chart he travels trough. Especially if your Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, the comings months will feel a little more optimistic and lessen Saturn's current and harsh influence on your emotions and potentially state of mind. So, while Jupiter is in Cancer and in your house of luck, optimism, learning, teaching and publishing (some vedic astrologers also call this the marriage house), activities in these areas are auspicious, expansive and rewarding. You tend to think big during this time and your mind opens up to new and exciting experiences and people. This is an uplifting time for you! Some of the keywords associated for you with this transit are educating yourself and others, a new sense of security, renewed optimisms, communication skills and wisdom.

Then, the full Moon this month takes place on 12th June in your sign. This is great news for those who are single and looking, it's a time when the focus is firmly on relationships and others take notice of you. At the same time, after a few months of just keeping your head down and going with the daily grind, you are in a mood to mingle, make new friends and perhaps pick up where you left off at around Christmas time. Perhaps you've not seen much of your friends recently or it has been a somewhat challenging time when it comes to wish fulfilment and you meeting your objectives. Around the time of the full Moon, when you're in the spotlight, your luck and a certain amount of abundance seems to return to your doorstep. Now, think about what began in mid-December 2012 and you get an. Idea of what will be wrapped up and move on to the next level then - most likely to do with your relationship. Whether single or not, it's a time of change, the last push or at least some sort of acknowledgement and realisation.

This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Jyestha and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Under the influence of Jyestha, we seek to be the best in whatever we do and we may well achieve this but mainly through our own efforts. This puts you at an advantage in whatever area the full Moon falls and hence, you can reap the rewards for your efforts. However, with the sign of Scorpio involved here others' jealously can be part of the picture with this placement.

In the meantime, Mercury is going retrograde from 7th until 30th June. This happens in the area of your chart to do with investments, inheritance and shared resources. At the same time, the new Moon takes place in this area on 27th June. This somewhat lessens the obstructive energies of Mercury going backwards and helps to open up conversations around your (joint) financial future and that of your family. For some Scorpios, conversations around your bonus and salary are part of the picture too. Have a great month Scorpio, it's the beginning of a summer full of shifts and change.

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