Sun in the signs - Taurus

Easy does it
Someone with the Sun in Taurus is generally patient, calm and balanced and someone who appreciates solid – although somewhat inflexible - structures and routines. For the Sun in Taurus, it’s important that old traditions and customs are preserved and passed on to the next generation. This makes the Taurus Sun less inclined to get too excited about anything innovative and new but instead, someone with this placement is considered reliable and trustworthy. This is the Taurus approach to life in general as well as building a solid capital base and stable relationships. 
But here is the controversy – although a Taurus likes things to be predictable, Taurean relationships can be quite turbulent. Surprisingly, many Taurean natives have very intense, deep and often life changing relationships, in particular those with their Ascendant in this sign. Ruled by the planet Venus, this is someone who loves luxuries, good food – this person usually has a sweet tooth - and someone to cuddle up to. The Taurus Sun is a great host as well as a great guest and a very pleasant companion. This is someone who places quality over quantity (mostly) and someone with strong ‘financial intelligence’. This is often someone who is born into a wealthy family or with a keen interest to increase their wealth.
Traditional astrology, however, considers Venus’ influence on the Sun as somewhat disadvantageous. Venus loves the good things in life, Venus can be flexible when she wants to be and adapt to people and situations to get what she wants and in combination with the Sun, it’s self-directed – in this case particularly around accumulating good and money. Nothing wrong with that but this can make some Taurean Suns, depending on the placement of Venus, seem a little self-centred and other may think they are only there for their own benefit. If, however, Venus is in a good position, then this is someone who really enjoys life to the fullest – someone other people can’t stay away from. 

Donald Trump, the son of a wealthy property developer, became one of America’s most famous property magnets himself and is the founder of Trump Entertainment, operating gambling casinos. 

His Sun in Taurus is in the gainful eleventh house together with Rahu / the North node.  The Sun in Taurus in this area of his chart make him keen on increasing his income anyway but in conjunction with the North node,  his eagerness to gain and turn a profit goes through the roof. He’s also likely to be a great entertainer with a whole range of illustrious friends and acquaintances. 

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