Annual solar horoscope 2014 / 2015 - Gemini

I follow the Vedic calendar; this is the annual solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th June to 15th July or Gemini Ascendants and Moons

Gemini, the last year although very challenging at times will hopefully have turned out as one of the most rewarding ones of your life. Much blood, sweat and tears were shed but look at where you are now! You’ve built a new life for yourself and while the ride in some areas is not quite over yet, your focus in some part of your life shift quite dramatically. Your marriage or committed relationship remains a focus with Pluto in your opposite sign until 2020 and your career remains somewhat unpredictable and subject to change for another two years. This is in no way bad news for you as it gives you brilliant sparks of creative insight, ideas and the willingness to work independently. And who is better suited to that than a free-spirited Gemini. 
Now, I’ve mentioned this in the monthly forecast for June but Jupiter, the planet of expansion and the planet that rules your partnership and career sectors, is moving out of your sign. Much has changed for you around relationships, how you engage with other people, how you work and who you work for. Now it’s time to make money, as simple as that. You’ll either to this by yourself or with a partner, who will either support you financially or by being there for you when the going gets a little tough. If you’ve had some smaller or larger problems with your significant other to content with over the past year(s), then this is the year where your relationship with this person is transformed in some way. There was a lot of toing and froing going on in the past twelve months, so potentially, you’ll be able to smooth things out and start afresh. 
Jupiter in your house of family, possessions and income is probably a more straight forward and an easier transit to handle when it comes to career and work. You belief in your career choice, you have gained enough knowledge and the authority to command a bigger pay package and naturally, this makes you more of a risk-taker at work. If you still happen to be employed by someone (on the off-chance!), then a promotion is in your chart even if your career has become of secondary interest to you. The reasons for such accolades are simple – you have the confidence, gained the experience and you are the one who can talk others into anything this year. And what business doesn’t like the gifted storyteller that sells, sells, sells. 
Then, the eclipse cycle with Rahu/the North node, firmly puts the focus, pressure, direction and diverts the attention towards your home. Where will you live and how can you fulfil your desire for more security, shelter, nurture and be nurtured and protected.  The eclipses at the end of September, early October and in March and April 2015 will energise this area, force change and decisions that have an impact on your home and house and a wider one on your ‘status in society’, your work, career as well as your emotions. 
And finally, romance for you has been serious business and the task of raising children could have been daunting and full of responsibilities at times. This was down to Saturn, the taskmaster, in the area in your chart to do with children, fun and romance. From November 2014, your health, your work and the daily grind take over for approximately two and a half years. This means that whatever imbalance there is in your life, it needs to be addressed. If it’s physical, take care of yourself, watch what you eat and take enough time out. If it’s financial, discuss this with your partner, the bank or your family if you have to. With so much having changed or changing around your career, your work load at times may become a bit of a struggle and you’ll be required to keep your head down and get through it. Whether you like it or not but for the time being you’ll have to work with the system as is rather than trying to change it. 
For those who are single and looking, as I said at the beginning, your relationship sector is still aspected by Pluto, the planet of transformation and of death and rebirth. Many of you may have had an epiphany moment over the past 18 or so months that changed your relationships and your relationship pattern beyond recognition. This still continues and the times to watch out for this coming solar year are October 2014 and then again December through to February 2015 for opportunities to meet, engage and strengthen new or existing associations. Have a fabulous year, Gemini!
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