July 2014 horoscope - Gemini

I follow the Vedic calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th June to 15th July or Gemini Ascendants and Moons

Gemini, just as we enter July, your ruler, Mercury goes direct again in your own sign. Good news as you’ll be able to press ahead with your ideas, projects and plans. If there have been delays in communication or you were unclear as to what it is you wanted, what you were looking for and how to ask for it, you’ll now have a much clearer road ahead. With Mercury and the Sun still in your sign, communicating, planning, meetings, administration, art & craft and paper work seem to be the kinds of things you’re having to deal with. Your siblings, neighbours and your community network also seem to be part of the planning process. In any case, it’s a busy time and you’ll be running from one place to the other, trying to get it all done. But with your ruler in your sign, it looks like fun!
Now, for those Geminis who are looking to couple up, this is a month when you can really get yourself out there and connect with others. You’re flirty, chatty and others are attracted to your light-hearted nature now. With the Sun in your sign, you can be sure, you’re the centre of attention now. Form mid-month, you’ll also have Venus there, the planet of romance, so you’ll have no excuse not to put the feelers out and see what’s out there waiting for you. Some Geminis will also have more of an urge to get away during the second half of July, so who knows, you might met someone on your travels. 
I’ve already mentioned it in June when Jupiter moved into the sign of Cancer and into the area to do with family, income, your values and possessions. Money is coming your way – big time. Perhaps you are diversifying, taking on another job or broadening your existing business. The next big push this summer is that Rahu / the North node and Ketu / the South node are changing signs. Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they transit through the sky. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the North and the South nodes of the Moon. The eclipses occur when the Sun and the Moon are at one of these points. Wherever Rahu travels through denotes the area in the chart where the most change, disruption but ultimately growth happens. For the past 18 months, children, romance and self-expression where the areas of your biggest focus and your biggest growth. Now and for the next 18 months, your home environment is under the spotlight and many Geminis will move home, sort out their house, give it a lick of paint and declutter – also emotionally. In the long-run, this can have an effect on your career and what you choose to do for a living.
The full Moon on 12th July together with Pluto is a bit of an intense one and brings relationship matters to a close – perhaps with a bang and concludes what began in January 2013 and had to be dealt with again in October 2013. This is not to say you are breaking up if you are happily involved but there seems to be a shake-up, some movement and something is moving on to the next level. Perhaps a contract – money is also involved – and both of you need to sign on the dotted line. 
This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Purvashada and is ruled by Venus. The meaning of this nakshatra is that of Early Victory and the invincible sea; wealth is said to be consistently high and this is generally a generous and positive Moon and gives a natural ability to organise and manage but with a tendency to jump to conclusions. Nevertheless, one that has an element of optimism and a taste of the big wide world.
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