August 2014 horoscope - Gemini

I follow the Vedic calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th June to 15th July or Gemini Ascendants and Moons

Gemini, August 2014 is all about your possessions, spending money, your income, your values and your family. With Jupiter, the planet of expansion, now firmly positioned in this area, your income sources may be about to diversify – or indeed, vary. Many Geminis have felt a particular urge to experience more independence in your career or even work for yourself. Doing what other people tell you to or working according to someone else’s rules and regulations doesn’t sit well with you at the best of times and in particular now that Uranus is still transiting your chart and Jupiter diversifies your income sources, you are probably one of the least likely signs to be permanently employed or have one source of income only. But of course, if you are employed, then you’ll need a good deal of freedom in your role now. In any case, money seems to be rolling in this month - just as quickly as you might be spending it, for example, on things for the house, eating out, your family and children. 

The full Moon on 10th August in Capricorn is then a time of completion. Cast your thoughts back to what happened or what you wished for in November and February 2013 – now this particular situation is being closed off, you’re done with it and you can move on. This could have to do with loans, mattes of tax, insurance, inheritance, wills and generally speaking other people’s money including your partner’s income. On a different level, it also has to do with intimacy. In particular as Saturn, the ruler of these areas in your chart is moving forward again now, you should be getting closer and closer to what you had hoped to initiate or progress in your life last year around these times.

This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Uttara Ashada, ruled by the Sun. Under this nakshatra, we are calm in the eye of the storm, we are able to detach ourselves and therefore maintain a sense of independence that ensures we don’t let things get to us. Full Moons can always feel a little intense – Mars is squaring the full Moon, putting us in danger or overacting (again, sigh!!). Luckily enough that this nakshatra is a dignified one and although the stellium in Cancer can make us a little needy, the emotional side seems to be more grounded.

Ahead of the first eclipse in September following the move into the Pisces / Virgo axis, Rahu / the North node now opposes Uranus in Pisces. Eclipses alone introduce big changes but with Uranus, the planet of sudden change involved in this particular eclipse cycle, events over the coming weeks and months could be indeed life changing. Be prepared for the unpredictable, life can now take an unexpected turn and you discover where you truly belong. Generally speaking, this could involve meeting new groups of people, an exciting new relationship, a change of career or developing a new interest. It could also involve metaphysics, science, environmental interests or technology. It’s a breakthrough time for sure and in your case, it has to do with the past, old and buried emotions, your house and home, your mother and certain behaviour patterns. Perhaps you’ll suddenly move or someone comes and stays with you for a while – there seems to be some sort of a ‘movement’ around the home.

The new Moon in Leo on 24th August is a time to schedule and plan, communicate, announce and connect. It’s a busy time for you when you’ll be running from A-B, exchanging ideas, brainstorming, sorting out your admin and perhaps spending some time with your siblings, people from your close network and your community. It’s totally your kind of thing – people and topics change quickly around this time, your attention and presence is required in a number of places and you’ll have to make decisions on a whim. Enjoy!

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