Mars and Saturn together in Libra now


From svpply.com
So Mars is in sidereal Libra now with Saturn and one thing immediately comes to mind - structural engineering or the 'perfect structure'. Libra is the sign of design and beauty, Mars the warrior, the one that can do all the hard labour and Saturn the one that structures, plans and makes sure everything is in the right order. Yes, many astrologers are saying this is a frustrating combination, sure it is but there is some beauty in this. Think about what began in February this year when Mars first went into Libra but Saturn was in retrograde motion and Mars did in March. What did you try and progress and move forward with? And what where the stumbling blocks that you encountered since? They haven't disappeared into thin air but the knots have loosened and you should now see some solution to the issue at hand.
Most importantly, however, with this aspect, you can see how you can work on your master piece of structural engineering to last and last and last, even a lifetime! Enjoy!
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