Annual horoscope 2015 / 2016 - Capricorn

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the annual solar 2015 horoscope for birthdays from 15th January to 12th February or Capricorn Ascendants and Moons

Happy birthday Capricorn! The coming year will be one where your main focus will be on relationships, marriage and simply partnering up with another – whether that’s for business or more personal reasons is your choice. And choice is exactly the keyword here as for the first half of 2015 – a continuation from last year- Jupiter grazes through the area in your chart to do with partnerships. Although this benevolent planet is in retrograde motion until 9th April, you still feel more inspired, optimistic and open about your relationships than you have done for a long time. If you are single, then someone who seems wise, generous and worldly can enter your life. Someone you can discover the world with, who inspires you and is on your wave-length. The only downside is that this special someone is someone so busy, he’ll clock up air miles like you spend time sitting on a bus or train to get to work – i.e. one minute they are here, the next they are gone again. But don’t worry, by the time April comes around, you’ll have a clearer idea of how to move forward and how to handle Mr. or Mrs. Globetrotter – if, indeed, that’s what you want. In any case, the point is, your relationship zone is highlighted through Jupiter travelling through Cancer as well as Rahu / the North node in the area which in Vedic astrology has to do with marriage too – the 9th house. These two factors, if you are single of course, mean that it’s likely for many Capricorn to enter into a more life-changing relationship this year, especially around the time of the eclipses.

Generally speaking, eclipses have the potential to create powerful events in our lives and what will be triggered around the time of the eclipse often emerges up to three months prior to the eclipse. Lunar eclipses are always more personal and affect our emotional lives more than the solar eclipses. The Moon is at its highest point of visibility exposing all the information, the whole situation leaving little room for secrets. In any case, the opposition of the Moon and Sun make this such a crucial time for relationships. It’s the yin and yang polarity that shines the spotlight on any loose ends which means that loose connections may find it natural end. On the other hand, lunar eclipses can invite the parties involved to just have a good old chat that helps to discard outworn relationship behaviour and patterns. With Uranus being a constant companion of this particular eclipse cycle, things could develop very suddenly. In your case, the eclipse very much has to do with marriage but also a (spiritual) awakening of some sort, an Aha-moment of realisation. The key times for this are around the solar eclipses on March 20th and 13th September and the lunar eclipses on 4thApril and 28th September 2015.

Now, for those happily married and settled, these eclipses and indeed the whole year are about broadening your horizons through interaction with others, via higher learning and education, long-distance and short-distance travels, looking at the bigger picture, writing, religion and spirituality, teaching and mentoring, publishing and research – these are, apart from partnerships, your typical themes for 2015.Aside from that and this is where your challenge lies, your ruler, Saturn, is in the 11th house of gains, hopes and dreams, global networks, friends and acquaintances. You may find yourself ridding yourself of long-standing but outdated and outworn friendships, social engagements and even some of your hopes and dreams which for a long time you considered worth aspiring to. What’s more, after almost three years of career changes, hard work and professional challenges to be overcome, you’re ready to go into a new direction. After initial weeding out process Saturn always brings with him, you’ll find yourself building a new network of friends, acquaintances and business associates who you can partner up with. At least for the first half of the year, any agreement and association you enter receive planetary support that ensures future growth and stability – if you are willing to work for it. Initially, even networking feels like hard work but you’ll soon get to grips with the politics and tendencies of the new crowd you’ll be part of. 

From August, relationships themselves or the partner itself won’t be so much part of your focus and area of growth. The growth potential will come from shared resources as once you established a solid bond with someone, you’ll begin the business of sorting out joint finances, mortgages and other documents that bind the two of you together. For those not so much concerned with all that, other people’s money still plays a role but this may be an inheritance, wills, tax you owe or are owed as well as insurance premiums. On top of that, you in-laws may be source of (financial) support or hindrance, depending on how you look at it.

On a less tangible level, together with Ketu / the South node and Uranus in your thinking, writing and learning zone, this is a great placement for the attainment of wisdom, spiritual development and growth. More of those Aha-moment, sudden inspiration and realisations to come! Have a great year, Capricorn!

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