February 2015 horoscope - Aries

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the February 2014 horoscope for birthdays from 14th April to 15th May or Aries Ascendants or Moons

Aries, the majority of the planets are at the top of your chart now meaning, you’re very visible, in the public eye, out there meeting and greeting and making new friends – the creative and scientific and eccentric types – while you are filing on your career plans. The month begins with the full Moon in Cancer on 3rd February which falls into the area of your chart to do with house and home on the one hand and work on the other. A lot is expanding, growing and changing at home and balancing work demands has been tricky and even more so as Mercury is still going retrograde, causing some misunderstandings and misinterpretations in what people say and commit to. It’s a push and pull time period where unanswered questions and come to the surface. Together with Jupiter in the same area in your chart, it’s a time when matters of security and the foundations of your life and your home environment take on even greater importance. Think about whatever happened in August 2013 at home, to do with your sense of security, the past or your mother – this is now coming to a close or it’s moving on to the next level. 
This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Aslesha, ruled by Mercury. During this time, you are thinking about your feelings and it is the nakshatra of the ‘Entwiner’. You may get tangled up and entwined in your own and other people’s emotional dramas but you may also just ‘get involved’ with other people. Being ‘entwined’ is fine in certain circumstances, for example, when the child needs a close emotional bond but when the child becomes an adult, the mother needs to start letting go an ‘untangle’. So during this time, you may be reluctant to let go as your emotions take precedence over much of the other things in your life and the area ruled by the Moon – your home and house, your inner life, your mother and the relationship to her, your past and the very foundation of your life - and especially with Jupiter nearby, becomes of great importance. 

Then, both Venus and Mars travel hand in hand through Aquarius and then later on through Pisces from mid-month, first joining up with Neptune and later on with Uranus, both planets that ‘undo’ but in different ways and through different means. One dissolves without anyone noticing, the other one suddenly explodes. So, this is a time when some of you have real creative and futuristic inspirations and ideas and whereas before, you had a slight inkling, a vague idea and nascent emotions about something, now it hits you right in the face, it’s put at your feet, it knocks at your door – quite suddenly and without warning. To make it more precise, the keywords, issues or opportunities, you’ll be faced with pretty much all month, but in particular in the later part, are: life direction and finances, growing your network, your hopes and dreams, your friends and faraway places, dreams and intuition.  

The new Moon 18th February in Aquarius is then a time of new beginning around friends and your (creative) impact within a group setting, establishing a vision for your future and perhaps in one or two cases, letting go of some long-held friendships or swapping old ones for new ones which better match your interests around spirituality, creativity, future-thinking and debate. You give it your all here before the planets one after the other move on into your house of behind the scenes activities, preparation and faraway places – take a breather Aries, it’s been a busy time, you deserve a little break, just depends whether Uranus in the same part of your chart and the upcoming eclipse in March play ball. Have a great month, Aries!
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