February 2015 horoscope - Sagittarius

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the February 2015 horoscope for birthdays from 16th December to 14th January or Sagittarius Ascendants and Moons

The month begins with the full Moon in Cancer on 3rd February which falls into the area of your chart to do with other people’s money, shared resources, secrets or things hidden from view, inheritance, wills and estates. You may have to come up with a large chunk of money, perhaps lend some money to a family member, or you finally settle outstanding debt. One the other hand, you could receive some money you’ve been waiting for, for some time. Dealing with intimacy and security may be part of the picture. Together with your ruler Jupiter in the same area in your chart, you’ll be very touched by what is happening behind the scenes now, underneath the surface and around intimacy, joint resources and financial family matters. It could be time to bring something to light and ‘launch’ and whatever happened in August 2013 is moving to the next level and is being completed. However, there’s a good chance you’ll have to transform or release some aspects, detail, thought or idea here and it might go deep!
This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Aslesha, ruled by Mercury. During this time, you are thinking about your feelings and it is the nakshatra of the ‘Entwiner’. You may get tangled up and entwined in your own and other people’s emotional dramas but you may also just ‘get involved’ with other people. Being ‘entwined’ is fine in certain circumstances, for example, when the child needs a close emotional bond but when the child becomes an adult, the mother needs to start letting go an ‘untangle’. So during this time, you may be reluctant to let go as your emotions take precedence over much of the other things in your life and the area ruled by the Moon, especially with Jupiter nearby, becomes of great importance – in your case, again, it has to do with money but potentially also the relationship with a partner and aspects of your own personality that are being re-born and transformed.
Then, Venus and Mars travel hand in hand through Aquarius and then later on through Pisces from mid-month. While in Aquarius, the pair joins up with Neptune, putting you into a very inspired, very creative mood where you’ll be able to think outside the box. This is a time when you can come up with the greatest ideas, not that they are all realistic and practical but this month, as you’ll be working closely with others around you, you may just come up with that one idea that seals the deal and gives you the breakthrough you need at work or for your own business. So really, this kind of means that whereas before, you had a slight inkling, a vague idea and nascent emotions about something, no it hits you right in the face, it’s put at your feet, it knocks at your door – quite suddenly and without warning. 
The new Moon on 18th February in Aquarius is another planetary configuration that is conjunct Neptune. It seems as though a lot of what’s happening this month feels like it is touched by magic, sudden fireworks and intuitive decision-making. For you, the keywords, issues or opportunities, you’ll be faced with around this time but also pretty much all month are: finances connected to business-related or romantic partnerships as well as your own income, new ideas, team-work and very buy days where you’ll be travelling from A to B a lot including a lot of writing and communicating, reaching out to others and literally getting stuck in. It’s a new start to do with your thought processes, ideas, writing, new thinking, learning and training. 
Around the same time, Venus and Mars make their presence felt in your home zone, putting you into a romantic mood and a time where you spend a lot of time at home with your loved ones. For some of you, with the eclipse coming up in this area next month, sudden changes are in the air already – making room for the new. Have a great month, Sag!
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