February 2015 horoscope - Leo

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the February 2015 horoscope for birthdays from 16th August to 15th September or Leo Ascendants and Moons
Leo, it’s a busy month where work continues to place its demands on your time and energy and this, coupled with other people’s stubborn behaviour and demanding partners takes its toll. By the time of the full Moon in Cancer on 3rd February which falls into the area of your chart to do with letting go, faraway countries, withdrawal, meditation and spirituality, you’re ready for a holiday. For you, this is one of the best times of the year to hop on a place and enjoy some time off, if only it weren’t that relationship matters and your day to day responsibilities took up so much of your time. For only a couple of weeks more, you’ll have to deal with others needing your support and attention – possibly more than usual.

Around the beginning of the month, think about whatever happened in August 2013 – this is moving to the next stage of ‘letting go’ and being released. It may have been a long process but you may now realise something that kick-started somewhere in your subconscious at the time.

This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Aslesha, ruled by Mercury. During this time, you are thinking about your feelings and it is the nakshatra of the ‘Entwiner’. You may get tangled up and entwined in your own and other people’s emotional dramas but you may also just ‘get involved’ with other people. Being ‘entwined’ is fine in certain circumstances, for example, when the child needs a close emotional bond but when the child becomes an adult, the mother needs to start letting go an ‘untangle’. So during this time, you may be reluctant to let go as your emotions take precedence over much of the other things in your life and the area ruled by the Moon, especially with Jupiter nearby, becomes of great importance – in your case, it has to do with anything that needs to be let go of, needs to be prepared and rehearsed and mediated upon.  

Then, both Venus and Mars travel hand in hand through Aquarius and then later on through Pisces from mid-month. While in Aquarius, the pair joins up with Neptune, putting you into very romantic, really creative and inspired mood. And really, this kind of means that whereas before, you had a slight inkling, a vague idea and nascent emotions about something, now it hits you right in the face, it’s put at your feet, it knocks at your door – quite suddenly and without warning. For you, all of this has to do with relationships. Whether you are single or coupled up, you want to ‘merge’ with someone else, become one and be part of a couple. Included in that are contracts and agreements, laying the foundations of a relationship – a key theme anyway at the moment – and establishing or re-establishing the bond with your partner. For some, this can be full on as the partner may need your support and help in more ways than one. The challenge for you here also is to get the partner to listen and actually understand where you are coming from – he or she may seem a little distant but the new Moon on 18th February in Aquarius is the start of a new cycle in relationships. It is one where illusions and blinkers are coming off for you to see what’s really happening and for you to understand where your limits lie in terms of providing financial and emotional support to another. If you are single, this is a time when you could meet someone who does the same for, take off your rose-tinted glasses and look at the other person for who they are – the basis of a much more realistic union than you may have encountered over the past years.

The month then ends with you focusing on your financial situation and shared resources, loan applications, mortgages or family money – it’s a mixtures of you gain some, you lose some and certainly an indication of what to come in March and around eclipse time. It’s a call to get your finances straightened out – with or without a partner. Have a great month, Leo!

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