February 2015 horoscope - Capricorn

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the February 2015 horoscope for birthdays from 15th January to 12th February or Capricorn Ascendants and Moons

Happy birthday Capricorn, it’s still your birthday month, the Sun is in your sign and right at the beginning of February is the full Moon in Cancer on 3rd. It falls into the area of your chart to do with committed relationships both personal professional. The past six or so months have been a fairly exciting time for relationships, your expectations have changed, opportunities have opened up in that respect, new people may have entered your life or you may have done some more travelling with your loved one. Since Jupiter has gone retrograde, you have been digesting, deciding and thinking about how to move forward with a certain partnership and especially since Mercury too has been in your – and moving backwards too. Although not a rule of thumb and a very strong influence, those Capricorns who have been in loose and relatively open and non-committal relationships may decide to call it quits. The distance, the misunderstandings, lack of common ground or, in some cases, other areas of focus for yourself or your lover now mean that the relationship is fizzling out. The current influences are indeed easier to handle if you are single than in a relationship where a certain amount of confrontation and debate is unavoidable and necessary now. 
In any case, the full Moon could be a time to bring something to light and ‘launch’ a new phase in your relationships - whatever happened in August 2013 is moving to the next level.
This full Moon is in the nakshatra of Aslesha, ruled by Mercury. During this time, you are thinking about your feelings and it is the nakshatra of the ‘Entwiner’. You may get tangled up and entwined in your own and other people’s emotional dramas but you may also just ‘get involved’ with other people. Being ‘entwined’ is fine in certain circumstances, for example, when the child needs a close emotional bond but when the child becomes an adult, the mother needs to start letting go an ‘untangle’. So during this time, you may be reluctant to let go as your emotions take precedence over much of the other things in your life and the area ruled by the Moon, especially with Jupiter nearby, becomes of great importance – in your case, it has to do with, again, your most committed, one-to-one relationships. 
So partnerships, expectations and opportunities in this part of life are one area of focus. On top of dealing with relationships, money is a big thing at the moment. Both Venus and Mars travel hand in hand through Aquarius and then later on through Pisces from mid-month. While in Aquarius, the pair joins up with Neptune, putting you into spending mode on things you don’t necessarily need – new gadgets, technology items, books etc. 
The new Moon on 18th February in Aquarius is another planetary configuration that is conjunct Neptune. It seems as though a lot of what’s happening this month feels like it is touched by magic, sudden fireworks and intuitive decision-making. For you, again, this has to do with relationships as well as letting go of some of those or aspects of those. On top of that, joint finances, shared resources and family affairs are part of the picture and it’s a new start in this area for you. You’ll end the month, in a much more romantic mood than it started, busy reaching out to new people via friends, siblings, neighbours and in your local community – this is a busy, chatty, romantic and fast-moving time, no rest for the wicked  and an easier time for romance and love. Have a great month, Capricorn!
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