September 2014 horoscope - Aries

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 14th April to 15th May or Aries Ascendants or Moons

Aries, your ruler moves into an area in your chart to do with getting to the bottom of things where it can even be a bit uncomfortable and where as a result of what you discover, your outlook and some of your opinions about certain things change. Equally, this is a placement where you are dealing with other people’s money such as your partner’s, your family’s or with tax and insurance matters. It seems as though you’re financial future is tied to that of someone else – so naturally, this changes a few things for you. The full Moon on 8th September in the area in your chart to do with profits and bonuses, friends, associates and group involvement is a time where whatever happens with yours and your partner’s financial situation is being resolved or at least pushed forward. It also has an impact on your home environment and for some Aries, the focus on the longer-term financial planning also has to do with your living situation which is up for a change too over the next few months.  

The solar eclipse in your house of health, balance and work on 24th September introduced a swift change here. Work responsibilities could change, co-workers could change and long-term projects are placing increasing demands on your time. It’s also an area in your chart that has to do with conflicts and arguments but the North node / Rahu here gives you some protection – eventually. Just watch your stress levels! Generally speaking, as opposed to a lunar eclipse, which often brings things to a dramatic peak or even end, the solar eclipse is a new beginning – but of course, in the first instance, this also means an end of some kind. It can be equally as intense as the lunar eclipse but we start something new, possibly due to outside influences, and we make choices based on what is coming out into the open. We just don’t quite see where we are headed next. Whatever is beginning now starts to emerge and eventually come to its own natural end over the next 2-and-a-bit years.

In Vedic astrology, this solar eclipse is in the nakshatra of Uttaraphalguni, which is ruled by the Sun. It’s the nakshatra of the ‘social worker’, the one who helps those who need it most, the one who heals and counsels others. This is an intellectual placement, you are now brilliant with details, very capable at explaining how you feel – a helpful placement when it comes to you explaining what’s going on in your mind and to dissolve arguments to your favour. According to ancient astrology, prosperity by way of marital union is also one of its leading attributes of this nakshatra – after months of working hard on your relationships, again, another ray of light at the end of the tunnel. 

Just a few words on Venus in Virgo – Venus is travelling through this sign and your health and conflict zone until 19th October. Venus doesn’t do too well in small-minded and detail-oriented Virgo. Venus’ charm and sense of beauty gets a bit lost in the intellectual and airy environment that is ruled by Mercury and in the sign of Virgo, she can be self-criticising which can also mean lower than usual self-esteem. Although great for healers and counsellors, Venus in Virgo is the perfectionist, over-stimulating a restless mind with nervous, doubtful questioning of the validity of much of one’s appearance and ability to always differentiate between the rights and wrongs in relationships and what you should be able to expect from others. In your case, Venus as the ruler of your relationships, can introduce a few arguments that will need to be ironed out or your partner may have a health scare. In any case, your relationships are slightly off balance - only for the time being. Have a great month, Aries!

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