September 2014 horoscope - Capricorn

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the Capricorn September 2014 horoscope for birthdays from 15th January to 12th February or Capricorn Ascendants and Moons

Capricorn, five planets are either exalted or in their own home – their own sign – this month, so, for many, it’s a bit like things go the way they should go. For others, it’s a bit like too much choice leaves them feeling restless and not knowing what to pick and where to choose from and this might be the case for you at the moment when it comes to relationships. The optimism that was a little hard to find in the past years has come back with a vengeance and in true Capricorn-style, you’re keen to press head, move forward and get on. You want to embrace, welcome and open up when it comes to letting others into your life, you want to make new contacts, and change something in your relationship or to do with your relationship status. This is all great, just be aware that work is still taking away some of your focus – and maybe just as well – as you reach a certain breakthrough point after having Saturn, your ruler, sitting at the top of your chart for the past two and a half years. You’re walking down the final stretch now as you have a much clearer idea about what’s next in life. From now, until the end of the year, a lot of things should start falling into place.
The full Moon on 8th September is in your money zone this month. In very close contact with the planet Neptune, the one that clouds your vision, you may have to lock your purse away for the time being. If you’re applying for a loan or if you are dealing with official and legal paperwork to do with your finances, make sure you look at all the details. But this full Moon is also about your and your partner’s values and what is important to you with respect to partnerships. You may find that some of what was previously a must have in partnerships is now not so crucial anymore in your list for Mr and Miss Right. 
This full Moon in a way prepares you for the real big event this month - the solar eclipse in your 9th house on 24th September. Again, it has to do with your attitudes, this time, however, in a more philosophical sense. It’s about your beliefs and faith, it’s about experiencing something new. After all the pressure at work over the past years, you may now decide to go back to education, broaden your horizons and focus on something else – so your values may change as a result. With Uranus in opposition to the eclipse, you may decide to pack up and go (travelling) very quickly, you may decide to quit your job and do a course that alters the course of your life and your career very quickly and even the relationship with your father could change suddenly. If you are in education and research, then Uranus involved in this eclipse cycle could mean sudden sparks of insight, understanding and breakthrough. This area in the chart also has to do with publishing, so it might be up to you to make research findings public and communicate about them. 
As opposed to a lunar eclipse, which often brings things to a dramatic peak or even end, the solar eclipse is a new beginning – but of course, in the first instance, this also means an end of some kind. It can be equally as intense as the lunar eclipse but we start something new, possibly due to outside influences, and we make choices based on what is coming out into the open. We just don’t quite see where we are headed next. Whatever is beginning now starts to emerge and eventually come to its own natural end over the next 2-and-a-bit years. 
In Vedic astrology, this solar eclipse is in the nakshatra of Uttaraphalguni, which is ruled by the Sun. It’s the nakshatra of the ‘social worker’, the one who helps those who need it most, the one who heals and counsels others. This is an intellectual placement; you are now brilliant with details and how to present them and you are very capable at explaining how you feel right now. According to ancient astrology, prosperity by way of marital union is also one of its leading attributes of this nakshatra. 
Just a few words on Venus in Virgo – Venus is travelling through this sign and your education and travel zone until 19th October. Venus doesn’t do too well in small-minded and detail-oriented Virgo. Venus’ charm and sense of beauty gets a bit lost in the intellectual and airy environment that is ruled by Mercury and in the sign of Virgo, she can be self-criticising which can also mean lower than usual self-esteem. Although great for healers and counsellors, Venus in Virgo is the perfectionist, over-stimulating a restless mind with nervous, doubtful questioning of the validity of much of one’s appearance and ability to always differentiate between the rights and wrongs in relationships and what you should be able to expect from others. However, in your case, Venus here can bring great benefits – if you have to be detail-oriented and precise in the way you communicate and, for example, present at work, this is a god time to focus on the small print now – and sorry to say – review and correct other people’s mistakes! Have a great month, Capricorn!
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