September 2014 horoscope - Libra

I follow the Vedic calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th October to 15th November or Libra Ascendants and Moons
Libra, for you it’s all about money this month. You’ve recently entered a new cycle in your career and more generally, what you want to achieve in life and your finances play a big part in that process. It’s time to negotiate, apply for a new job or if you’re already gone through that process, then sign on the dotted line. Your financial situation looks very strong this month and while some comes from your own income, for others, a bonus awaits. Equally, your finances could receive a boost from an expanded client base or the completion of a long-term project. In any case, with Venus, your ruler, in this area of your chart too, your wholly and completely dedicated to that cause or case at the moment. Now for some Libras, or this may be happening simultaneously, their social life takes off and invites come flying through the door – you are generally quite popular but this month, you’ll most certainly have that certain appeal to others, meaning they want you around to liven up their party with your charm and generosity. If you are single, then of course your exuberance and attractive persona won’t go unnoticed. 
But amidst all this busy social life, spending time with friends and focusing on your future, the solar eclipse in your house of behind the scenes on 24th September refocuses your gaze onto otherworldly things, foreign places and your intuition. Life has been hectic, not to say difficult over the past two to three years and you’re feeling a bit exhausted. Good time to take some time off! Your health and stress levels and other ‘imbalances’ are under the spotlight and so are your patterns around rest and sleep – time to take action. With Uranus in opposition to the eclipse, you could very quickly and suddenly realise that your lifestyle has taken its toll on you. But as opposed to a lunar eclipse, which often brings things to a dramatic peak or even end, the solar eclipse is a new beginning – but of course, in the first instance, this also means an end of some kind. It can be equally as intense as the lunar eclipse but we start something new, possibly due to outside influences, and we make choices based on what is coming out into the open. We just don’t quite see where we are headed next. Whatever is beginning now starts to emerge and eventually come to its own natural end over the next 2-and-a-bit years. 
In Vedic astrology, this solar eclipse is in the nakshatra of Uttaraphalguni, which is ruled by the Sun. It’s the nakshatra of the ‘social worker’, the one who helps those who need it most, the one who heals and counsels others. This is an intellectual placement, you are now brilliant with details, very capable at explaining how you feel and what your intuition and your dreams are telling you. According to ancient astrology, prosperity by way of marital union is also one of its leading attributes of this nakshatra. Saturn, the planet of commitment and with Mars just having transited your sign and now in his own sign of Scorpio, committing to a new relationship, taking an existing one to the next level is possible and generally being clear about what you want from a relationship is your strength now.
The full Moon on 8th September in your house of romance, fun and self-expression can be a very creative as well as romantic time for you. Your social circle is highlighted, new contacts, your future and your hopes and dreams at one end. At the other, there is your creative genius, your ability to express your unique self, to have fun, to celebrate and wear your heart on your sleeve. Think about what began in March 2013 and you’ll get an idea of which creative endevour is coming to an end now. This can be of a professional nature for some Libras. 
Just a few words on Venus in Virgo – Venus, your ruler, is travelling through this sign and the area in your chart to do with endings, illusion, dissolution, foreign countries, intuition and general fogginess until 19th October. Venus doesn’t do too well in small-minded and detail-oriented Virgo. Venus’ charm and sense of beauty gets a bit lost in the intellectual and airy environment that is ruled by Mercury and in the sign of Virgo, she can be self-criticising which can also mean lower than usual self-esteem. Although great for healers and counsellors, Venus in Virgo is the perfectionist, over-stimulating a restless mind with nervous, doubtful questioning of the validity of much of one’s appearance and ability to always differentiate between the rights and wrongs in relationships and what you should be able to expect from others. In your case, you may underestimate yourself and your abilities at this moment in time – easily done after two years of Saturn in your sign but please make sure you don’t sell yourself and your skills short now. For others, if you can, it’s a time to finally get away and rest after a socially busy few weeks. Have a great month Libra! 
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