September 2014 horoscope - Cancer

I follow the Vedic calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th July to 15th August or Cancer Ascendants and Moons

Cancer, I was about to start off saying that this should be quite a nice month for you – and it might! – but I think it’ll also be quite a busy one for you! So you can decide if that’s nice or not but at least, and I think this is what I’m trying to get at, things will be moving forward! Venus and the Sun in your income zone, sure, mean you may spend more than you should but it can certainly also mean that money is coming your way. If you are self-employed, you may have a few more clients to add to your books, if you are waiting for a bonus, then this might be coming your way now, if you are waiting for a mortgage to be approved, then the full Moon could help things along. Same with financial affairs that concern ‘others’ such as your partner, inheritance and wills etc. – something here is coming to an end around the time of the full Moon on 8th September. The Moon is your ruler and in conjunction with Neptune in an area of your chart where we get to the bottom of things, this can also be a time of a certain kind of healing for yourself or one you provide to others. Sounds intense and for some Cancerians, this is a time of transformation. 

With so much emphasis on the area of your chart to do with communication, connecting with others, new skills, your own efforts and skills, younger siblings, short distance travels, paper work and team work for over a year now, this can be time when you will learn something new. This can have to do with how you communicate in partnerships, how you connect with others and through which channels, it can have to do with you deciding you’d like to do a driving test or a further education course to do with nutrition, well-being and, again, some sort of healing. This is an exciting time from which you will emerge with a new set of skills, new knowledge and understanding. The solar eclipse in your in this area of your chart on 24th September kick-starts this processes and with Uranus in opposition to the eclipse, things move quickly. 

Generally speaking, as opposed to a lunar eclipse, which often brings things to a dramatic peak or even end, the solar eclipse is a new beginning – but of course, in the first instance, this also means an end of some kind. It can be equally as intense as the lunar eclipse but we start something new, possibly due to outside influences, and we make choices based on what is coming out into the open. We just don’t quite see where we are headed next. Whatever is beginning now starts to emerge and eventually come to its own natural end over the next 2-and-a-bit years. 

In Vedic astrology, this solar eclipse is in the nakshatra of Uttaraphalguni, which is ruled by the Sun. It’s the nakshatra of the ‘social worker’, the one who helps those who need it most, the one who heals and counsels others. This is an intellectual placement, you are now brilliant with details, very capable at explaining how you feel and what it takes to grow or for your future plans come to fruition. According to ancient astrology, prosperity by way of marital union is also one of its leading attributes of this nakshatra. With Jupiter in your sign, keep that in mind. 

Just a few words on Venus in Virgo – Venus is travelling through this sign and your communication zone until 19th October. Venus doesn’t do too well in small-minded and detail-oriented Virgo. Venus’ charm and sense of beauty gets a bit lost in the intellectual and airy environment that is ruled by Mercury and in the sign of Virgo, she can be self-criticising which can also mean lower than usual self-esteem. Although great for healers and counsellors, Venus in Virgo is the perfectionist, over-stimulating a restless mind with nervous, doubtful questioning of the validity of much of one’s appearance and ability to always differentiate between the rights and wrongs in relationships and what you should be able to expect from others. In your case, criticism of situations, of others or a bit of miscommunication is part of the bigger picture now. Luckily, Mars is moving out of your home zone and into your creativity and romance sector so if you find yourself embroiled in arguments with your neighbours, do something creative. Write, perform, dance, exercise and divert your attentions if you have to. Have a great month, Cancer! 

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