Venus in the signs

Venus in Aries

With the Sun in balanced and harmonious Libra, it’s a good time to look at his ruler Venus in the different signs. Similar to Mars in Aries, the female equivalent needs to feel independent and free, able to follow her impulses and loves being active. Whether this is on her own or with the partner, this Venus is full of vitality and far from a couch potato. If you’re planning a date with an Aries-Venus girl, don’t just invite her over for dinner; take her whitewater rafting as she loves a challenge.

Venus is mainly concerned with relationships and love at first sight might be an expression coined by the Venus in Aries person. The combination of Venus in a fiery Mars sign can make her combative and impatient in relationships. In some cases the impulse to initiate new relationships and need for constant external stimulation is bigger than her staying power which sees her lose interest in her object of affection sooner rather than later. This is not to say she is not loyal but instead she wants to try everything (at least) once.

This Venus is direct, a little blunt, doesn’t faff around and gets down to the point. She is always true to herself and goes straight for the goal. Her self-assured manner makes her seem bold and brave but in her heart there is also an element of naivety about her that only smoothens out with age and experience after she’s burnt her fingers a couple of times after jumping in head first.

Venus in Taurus

Venus is very much at home in sensual Taurus where she can focus on what she loves most: a bit of sensuality, a bit of luxury and bit of the easy life with all its pleasures. Contrary to the impatient Aries-Venus, this earthy Venus is a lot more cautious, stable and patient in her dealings with others. She doesn’t rush into relationships and but once committed it will take a lot to make her change her mind again. This Venus looks for stability, longevity and security in a relationship both materially and emotionally. One-nighters are not for her.

Sometimes, however, her loyalty crosses the line into stubbornness and she holds on to relationship patterns or a false sense of security in a situation that has long passed its sell-by date.

The Taurus-Venus is a simple and straight forward kind of a girl, loves the outdoors and good food - she is a great hostess food - maybe a little too much at times. This Venus has an elaborate and solid sense of worth whether this is self-worth or to do with the clothes she buys. She certainly thinks she’s worth it. 

Venus in Gemini
Venus is Gemini is hugely engaging, light-hearted, flirtatious and loves to chat. This Venus is a social butterfly and loves new experiences and appreciates a good dose of intellect, creativity and wit in other people, especially her partners. Although hugely entertaining, the Gemini-Venus does not place a lot of emphasis on depth or heavy emotions but like to keep things easy and, to a point, superficial, ignoring remaining factors in the horoscope. This might mean that intimacy in traditional sense is not her strong point, however, at the same time, this Venus has very uplifting character traits and therefore is able to keep the mood light. Her wit and sharp intellect makes it easy for her to change topics and hold her own as she is bale to accumulate and keep vast amounts of (often trivial) knowledge.

The Gemini-Venus loves following the latest fashion and technology trends; she is a born networker and makes other people feel that life’s challenges are only half as burdensome in her presence. She loves gossip (ask her about the latest news from your circle of friends) parties and although not so focused on its luxuries as a Taurus or Libra-Venus, the Gemini-Venus loves the good life – for the fun of it.

The artist Frida Kahlo has her Venus in Gemini amongst a whole host of other planets.

Venus in Cancer

This Venus loves to nurture and look after other people, polish her home while preparing dinner for the family. Without the security of a caring relationship – this can also be close friendships - she can become withdrawn, a little moody and melancholic from taking things too personally.

She has a vulnerable heart which makes her approach relationships with caution – she suffers a long time when hurt. Once in a relationship, the Cancer-Venus feels very comfortable in the role of the nurturer, mothering the partner. In order to play this role, she needs a place where she herself can withdraw into her private sphere and hide away from the world for a while. In other cases, this can also lead her to be too dependent and needy in a relationship. As with all planets in Cancer, Venus in this position does not necessarily point to a stable emotional nature but one that is somewhat changeable like the tides.

With her caring and sentimental nature, the Cancer-Venus is very apt at making other people feel at home. She often treats her friends like family and puts a lot of effort into thoughtful gifts for them. Tradition and routines play a big role in her life.

Tragic Amy Whinehouse had her Venus in Cancer (and Mars too with the Sun in the 4th house) - she was said to have wanted to just stay at home and have children.
Here's her birth chart:

The Leo-Venus comes across and hugely warm-hearted, generous and affectionate. She is certainly glamorous and can command a room, throwing fabulous society parties where she can – intentionally or not – show off her magnificent home with all its luxuries. This Venus does not come cheap and she of course loves the good life and the more luxurious the better. She is creative with a large portion of self-confidence, cheery but also a little domineering and attention seeking. The pride of a Leo-Venus is easily hurt when she feels she is being ignored or her generosity is not appreciated. Similar to the Sun and Moon in Leo, Venus here deeply dislikes cheapness and narrow-mindedness.

The Leo-Venus loves the stage (of life) which is her natural habitat and wants to be given star-like treatment from her many admirers. Although a generous and encouraging friend, the Leo-Venus does not have too much patience with the mousy stay-at-home types.

As all fire signs, the Venus in Leo can be a born leader if other factors in the horoscope support this. Her nature allows her to look forward and see the bigger picture, inspiring others to follow her lead. With her natural instincts as a leader, she dislikes being criticized. However, this is only a sign of insecurity but once she has found out who she really is, this Venus is able to be truly inspirational.

In order to feel balanced, the Virgo-Venus needs to have an orderly and neat environment. Virgo is ruled by Mercury so everything has to be in its right place whether this is physically or, more crucially, mentally. If any of these aspects are out of balance, this Venus comes across as petty, small-minded and prude. Nevertheless, the contradiction with a Venus in Virgo sometimes can be that she flees into the opposite direction and ‘does the Pisces thing’. Suddenly, her house is a mess, the garden needs weeding and the cat litter emptied. As a Mercury-ruled sign, the Virgo-Venus can place more emphasis on mental orderliness than her actual surroundings.

In Virgo, there is also a need to be needed and to serve others. Modest and restraint, this Venus likes feeling useful. However, instead of enjoying life to the full, Venus in this sign can easily resort to criticising people and focuses on unimportant details when she is unhappy with herself.

Venus as a natural lover of everything sensual in the sign of Mercury which represents everything mentalised and critical does feel too comfortable here. Venus is debilitated in this sign. As such, there may be a certain imbalance in relationships marked by self-criticism and a low self-confidence compounded by the typical Virgo perfectionism that is directed at herself. 

Venus in Libra

As the ruler of Libra, Venus very much feels at home here being able to exercise balance, fairness, equality and beauty. Venus here is gracious, pleasant, friendly and knows what to say at the right time to the right people. She is a great host, elegantly and gracefully working her way through a party crowd. She shies away from conflicts and aims to maintain the peace at all time as otherwise her sense of perfect beauty is disrupted. However, make no mistake, this Venus is not one that will allow people to cry on her shoulder for all eternity – Libra is the only sign in the zodiac that is not attributed to a human being or animal and consequently there is certain coldness about her and lack of depth. The balance between closeness and distance needs to be maintained at all times and as with all air signs, intimacy is tolerated but not necessarily sought out.
Nevertheless, this Venus is a match-maker, a diplomat and negotiator with a keen eye for aesthetics. She likes being in a pair and doesn’t like spending too much time on her own. She values and surrounds herself with beautiful things that make her feel balanced and is never happier than in a social situation where she can put people at ease.

Grace Kelly, of course, had her Venus in Libra - as well as her Ascendant, Sun and Mercury. Glamour through and through!

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio can get obsessive about love and relationships, about sexuality and where Mars in this sign can be argumentative and aggressive this is probably one of the most intimacy-craving combinations. However, for the Scorpio-Venus, love and hate is sometimes one and the same thing or at the very least, very closely related. This Venus is hugely attractive with an almost tangible magnetism. Once she has caught her prey, she won’t let go anymore and can get suspicious, possessive and jealous if she spots a real or imagined contestant.

Her deep and powerful aura makes it easy for her to manipulate her object of desire and in relationships, she only knows two sides – that of the dominatrix or that of the victim. Scorpio as the sign of death and rebirth might also be confronted with challenges through some her key relationships that help her transform her as a person.

Generally speaking, Scorpio is one of the money signs of the zodiac and is very capable of earning large sums of money. Venus in this sign has a certain penchant for luxuries and she wants to make sure a little more than just enough is available to reflect her power and success. If no other factors are opposed and the Scorpio-Venus avoids being too uncompromising, this combination should help with filling up the bank balance.

Tiger Woods has his Venus in Scorpio and not only is he known for huge sponsorship deals but also for his sexual appetite.

Venus in Sagittarius

This Venus loves gaining new experiences through travelling and debate around topics such as law, philosophy, spirituality and religion. Her partner may well come from far afield as she won’t have any problems adapting to a different culture and circumstance. It may even be that she and her sweetheart meet whilst backpacking through South America.

This is a free-spirited Venus, full of ideas and ideals that shies away from obsessive behaviour and emotional drama. The Sag-Venus is very honest, sometimes brutally so and very independent, open-minded and enthusiastic. Venus here is outgoing and always ready for the next adventure, not wasting too much time on emotional bonding, regrets and melancholy. Sagittarius is an optimistic sign so this Venus does not cry about failed relationships for too long but remains philosophic about them. Always looking at the bigger picture, this Venus needs to expand her horizons through changing relationships and new experiences.

Not just travelling but movement in general is essential to this Venus and it is unlikely that she is found in locked in an office day in day out chasing large pay checks. Her freedom is too precious for that.

Steve Jobs had his Venus in Sagittarius opposing expansive Jupiter in Gemini.
For him, opportunities seemed endless - with his love for gadgets, he conquered the world:

So the first thing that springs to mind with this combination is business and professional partnerships. Very dependable and somewhat serious, this Venus doesn’t like playing games and manipulating people, it’s a waste of time for her. In relationships, she gets down to business and if necessary, hangs on in there until the job is done. She likes a partner that is reliable and ambitious; someone this Venus can build her empire with. Her status in society is important to her – after all, it took her (or her partner!) years of hard work to get there.

For the Capricorn-Venus, her sense of harmony is strongly connected to clear structures and efficiency. Always calm and collected, she carries her responsibilities with a great sense of duty. As a cardinal sign, this Venus is a doer and the only way is onwards and upwards. She loves climbing the career ladder and surrounding herself with powerful and influential people that increase her own position. Although, through their admiration, this might give her the feeling of equality, she does not need to be admired like a Leo-Venus for the sake of it, she lets her work speak for itself.

However, this Venus should be careful not to carry too much responsibility than she can bear, especially in relationships.

Her sense of harmony is hugely unconventional. A free spirit she dislikes relationships that keep her bound to the kitchen table, are too conventional and predictable. She is looking for a relationship where both partners can evolve at their own pace and in their own way without being suffocated by jealousies and feelings of guilt. Especially in her younger years, this Venus might leave relationships abruptly if her sense of freedom is threatened in any way. Venus doesn’t like being on her own for too long, however, this combination make is a little more difficult to find a partner who truly accepts her desire for independence and originality. The contradiction lies in the sign of Aquarius being ruled by its traditional ruler Saturn as well as original, quirky and explosive Uranus. Saturn wants to give structure and traditions while Uranus likes freedom and original thinking.

Therefore, an older partner, sure of him or herself and one that is able to leave her on a very long leash, would suit this Venus better than a hot-blooded toy boy. Once Venus in Aquarius understands this push and pull dynamic in relationships, it will become easier for her to find fulfilling relationships that allow her the freedom she needs and at the same time take away some of the fear of intimacy. 
Vladimir Lenin, who established the world's first socialist state, had his Venus in Aquarius in the 4th house of home, fatherland and patriotism.

The idea of modern socialism which criticised the effects of industrialisation and private property on society is well represented in this chart.

Venus in Pisces

Venus is exalted in Pisces, searching for contentment and harmony through love that’s more spiritual. It’s a Venus that knows no boundaries and one that can give without expecting something in return, without any rules, demand or edginess sometimes prevalent in other signs. Venus in Pisces is mystical creature, one who loves music, the arts, performance and a bit of glamour also never goes amiss.

The Pisces-Venus is very intuitive, a little dream-like with the desire to merge completely with the partner. She dreams of the ideal romantic relationship and even if things are not how they should be, this Venus keeps the rose-coloured glasses on for as long as possible. She is imaginative, adaptable and very sensitive.

However, there might also be the danger of falling into or playing the role of the victim through unrealistic expectations – having stronger boundaries in certain situations that allow the Pisces-Venus to be creative, meditate and dream on her own will help to recharge the batteries. Self-preservation is the key word and learning to avoid losing herself in the process of entirely dedicating herself to the needs of others. Easily impressed, it’s important for the Pisces-Venus to spot those that try and take advantage of her and escape unstructured and clandestine relationships.

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