Annual solar horoscope 2014 / 2015 - Aries

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the annual horoscope for birthdays from 14th April to 15th May or Aries Ascendants or Moons

Aries, this is a year that has two primary areas of focus. First of all, you'll continue to focus on other people, relationships, contracts, negotiations, agreements, deals and compromise both in your personal connections and those of a professional nature. You continue your learning curve in this area until November 2014. Saturn has been transiting your opposite sign of Libra for more than two years now, teaching you some tough relationship lessons but ultimately enabling you to have a more mature attitude and outlook on relationships. Already as you begin your new solar year, you will be less likely to put up with some of the situations and people you have put up with in the past and April 2014 is a month that again puts the pressure on and some finishing touches on that learning curve you're in and that sprint to the finishing line. Read my April forecast for a more detailed report on what's happening in April. As the weeks go by and we go through early summer, Mars, your ruler and the planet of action, once again goes over the last few degrees of Virgo and into the early degrees of Libra, the sign that rules your relationship sector. Until July, you will have to face some of the issues you have been dealing with since December 2013, only that now, it's the third and final time you'll be discussing the matter, that you'll have to take action or face opposition from a partner on a certain matter. While you will still face some opposition from a significant other and certain relationship matters keep bubbling away under the surface - or they burst out into the open -, at least you'll be able to move on from what you had to deal with in the first half of 2014. Your biggest relationship months whether you're single or not are October and November this year. Think about what began in May 2013 and what happened in February 2014. While this most likely has to do with your own attitude and how other people see you, it also has to do with a sense of security, your home and where you belong. So, partnerships also play a big role in all of this.

Early November in particular is a period of debate, negotiation, contracts and diplomacy and topics of discussion will have to do with finances, family, possessions and values, the state of your relationship and levels of commitment. Later on in November, you'll have the opportunity to move forward with

clean slate and start afresh. For couples, this could be a time of greater commitment, for those who are looking for a relationship, it could be quite an exciting period when you could meet someone new.

The second area of focus is around your home and where you live. Jupiter, the planet of expansion is moving into the sign of Cancer in July and into the area of your chart to do with the home. Often, with this transit, a house move is indicated as your family expands and you decide to move to a bigger place. If you are not planning to move, then Jupiter at the bottom of your chart will bring a sense of belonging and hopefully some optimism that Saturn in opposition to your sign over the past 2 1/2 years may have taken away or lessened. But in any case, lots will be happening around the home and some of you may just have more visitors and people from abroad or with a different cultural outlook to you around your home. Aries who have been thinking about going into teaching and mentoring might do so under this transit. The busiest times for things to happen at home are August and September and then again early February 2015 with the full Moon in this area of your chart.

Now, this is not only a good time for settling and a more optimistic outlook, Jupiter also aspects your career sector, energising your professional life. Together with Saturn moving out of your house of committed relationships and other people, this really is a time of reaping the rewards both financially and in terms of your reputation. Work and gaining recognition for your work has been an uphill struggles these past years and while your finances may have not really seen a any blows, most Aries will not have progressed to the extent that you would have liked. Until the summer of 2015, this is about to change....have a great year, Aries!

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