May 2014 horoscope - Capricorn

I follow the sidereal calendar; this is the Capricorn May 2014 horoscope for birthdays from 15th January to 12th February or Capricorn Ascendants and Moons

Capricorn, while life has been full of change and more change over the past two years and more, you’ve not come directly under pressure from the Grand Cross like the mutual signs (Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius) have. Nevertheless, it’s been a challenging couple of years as you filed away at your career prospects, seemingly going nowhere. Not only is this not true, you have learnt some very valuable lessons and perhaps now, you realise that work is actually not everything in life. You’ve overcome your challenges and learnt how to deal with those in authority much better. Equally, you certainly gained in authority and in ‘power’, if you like. 
The full Moon on 14th May is in exactly this area of your chart and highlights your life direction, career and your professional status. Whatever happened in November 2012 to do with any of these areas is coming to light, is being completed and finalised. You’re ready to let something go in this area and move on. This does not necessarily mean you leave your job but you may complete a contract you have been working on for so long, you could be in line for a promotion and becoming the leader of a team. In any case, you are now used to dealing with more responsibility due to what you went through in recent years so this should neither come as a surprise nor should it be an additional burden for you. Now, for some Capricorns, this time period also has a lot to do with relationships and their status. While relationships are not particularly highlighted at this moment in time, I still think that some Capricorns will have their hands full dealing with a partner and their relationship. This can of course also be business related but it could also be an engagement and a move to the next level!
This full Moon is in nakshatra of Vishaka, ruled by Jupiter. For all of us, there is a need to strengthen our will and our emotions – this is a motivated and ambitious part of the chart so we can achieve a lot here especially in a social sense. Balance and justice is now very important so there can be a certain intensity to do the right thing. Be careful of coming across as too self-righteous despite meaning well and despite a determination to work out the right path and to get to the truth. This is a forceful, quick-witted and brilliantly intelligent placement, use it to your advantage. And why not – romance is indeed highlighted towards the end of the month with the new Moon on 28th May. It takes place in the area of your chart to do with fun, children, lovers and hobbies so a good moment to take some time out, plan a holiday and ‘live and let live’. And just as well as work, daily realities and your health continue to play on your mind for the time being…Have a great month, Capricorn!
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