May 2014 horoscope - Libra

I follow the Vedic calendar; this is the monthly solar horoscope for birthdays from 16th October to 15th November or Libra Ascendants and Moons

Libra, relationships are still a big focus this month – you’re keen to form a bond, strike up a friendship, have a chat until the early hours and get to know someone. So, a friend could become a lover and an acquaintance could become someone you find yourself chatting to more than perhaps necessary under different circumstances. In any case, more intimacy is on the cards – or at the very least you are thinking about it. 
The full Moon on 14th May is the second one in your sign in the past two months and is another round of completion for you. This one is related to whatever happened or began in November 2012 – whatever it is, it’s coming to light, it’s being completed and finalised. These could be career-related matters in particular as well as long-term projects, involvements in a group or a sports club, a fundraising project or a new business launch. Primarily, however, it’s your relationships that are under the spotlight, the relationship with people or just one person involved in any of the activities I just mentioned or it could have to do with your romantic partner. 
This full Moon is in nakshatra of Vishaka, ruled by Jupiter. For all of us, there is a need to strengthen our will and our emotions – this is a motivated and ambitious part of the chart so we can achieve a lot here especially in a social sense. Balance and justice is now very important so there can be a certain intensity to do the right thing. Be careful of coming across as too self-righteous despite meaning well and despite a determination to work out the right path and to get to the truth. This is a forceful, quick-witted and brilliantly intelligent placement, use it to your advantage. 
Once Venus, your ruler, moves into your opposite sign of Aries on 24th May, diplomacy is the key to success and to reaching an agreement. You and your partner or prospective suitor could become more of an item, especially as Mars, the ruler of your relationship sector and essentially the one who represents your partner, is feeling less argumentative now. This can be quite a sexy time, one where things get hot behind closed doors! But generally speaking, what you had to deal with since the beginning of the year in terms of partnerships is moving towards a solution too. This might still take a few months but you’re on the road…
The new Moon on 28th May is in the area of your chart to do with other people’s money, wills, inheritance, loans and tax. It’s also what you make in profit from your job – this new Moon is neither pressurised nor supported by any of the major planets at the moment so you could easily miss this slightly transformative energy but watch out for February next year to reap the first rewards. Have a great month, Libra!
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